Accidents can happen: Get insurance protection for your family

Accidents can happen: Get insurance protection for your family

Accidents, disabilities and fatal injuries are realities you and your family face. It's unpleasant to think of these things, but you must. Are you financially prepared for them?

You can’t prevent all accidents from happening, no matter how cautious you are as a parent. An accident can happen anywhere, anytime, just like what’s been on the news lately: the two-year-old boy who died from an alligator attack at a lagoon near Walt Disney World hotel in Florida, U.S. and the three-year-old boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at a zoo in Cincinnati, U.S.

We know it’s horrible to have these images and scenarios in mind. Although you can’t control unforeseen events, there is one thing you can control: Ensuring your family stays financially afloat in case an accident occurs.

This way, you can be there for all of life’s milestones – seeing your children in their graduation gown, witnessing them marry the love of their life, cuddling your grandchildren and spending the golden years with your spouse.

Go through life knowing that your family’s needs are covered, so you can worry less and focus more on the important things in life.

Here are five insurance plans from Etiqa you should check out.


If something were to happen to you, how financially secure is your family?

1. ePROTECT safety

This latest policy from Etiqa provides comprehensive coverage whether you are at home, at work, at school or travelling overseas. Feel protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Here are its features:

  • It covers 22 infectious diseases, including Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (a highly contagious disease common in schooling kids) and the Zika virus.
  • Gives you control over what type of treatment you prefer: Western or Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Coverage of facial reconstructive surgery, skin grafting and dental work based on the specified schedule to enable you to live a normal life.
  • Home or work modification such as ramps and railings for a disability. It also covers the cost of wheelchairs or crutches. This ensures a more comfortable recovery period and life after a nasty accident.
  • Freedom to select from 3 different plan types to suit your needs.
  • Covers ages 1 to 65. It is also renewable up to the age of 75. Additionally, children (aged 1 to 16) are covered for 20% of their parent’s coverage. There is no limit to the number of children who can be insured.

To learn more about this policy that Etiqa offers, click here

2. ePROTECT travel

Stay worry-free during a vacation with a comprehensive travel insurance plan that has you covered for 24 hours. Here are some of its features:

  • Covers medical expenses incurred during your trip.
  • Covers travel mishaps not caused by you (subject to policy terms and conditions) such as travel cancellation, baggage delay and flight overbooking.
  • Covers travel assistance benefits, such as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, up to $1 million.
  • Coverage for spouse and up to 8 children.
  • Coverage for children under 18 and up to 25 (if the child is a full-time tertiary student in a recognised institution).
  • 24-hour free worldwide emergency general travel assistance (in English and Mandarin), as provided by Allianz Global Assistance.

To learn more about this policy from Etiqa, click here


Have peace of mind knowing that even though an innocent weekend ends up as a family nightmare, you have some level of protection.

3. Personal Accident Plan for Public Transport

Anyone who rides public transport vehicles may be affected by daily wear and tear of the machines and systems, as well as human error which may cause collisions or other accidents.

For as little as $0.10 per day, protect yourself and your kids aged 10 to 17 from accidental death, total and permanent disablement (TPD) and any injury that may happen while on trains, buses, taxis (which include Uber and Grab), trams, ships and ferries within Singapore.

To learn more about this policy from Etiqa, click here

4. Personal Accident Plan for Public Places

For less than $0.05 per day, you can have peace of mind knowing that accidental deaths that occur in public areas are covered by this policy. This is best suited for people with active lifestyles such as runners and cyclists.

Note: Public places are defined as common areas that Singaporeans have the right to be in. These exclude public transportation system, schools, workplaces and home.

To learn more about this policy from Etiqa, click here


MozGuard Insurance protects against more than just dengue fever; it covers Zika, Chikungunya, Malaria and Yellow fever, too.

5. MozGuard Insurance

30,000 Dengue cases are expected this 2016 – this is a 35% increase from 2013. The good news is that for as little as $0.10 per day, you can prepare yourself against mosquito-borne diseases, including the potentially fatal and easily-transmittable Dengue, through MozGuard Insurance. There are two plans with different sums insured, depending on the extent of protection you want and need: Plan A ($3,000) and Plan B ($1,500).

Here are its features:

  • You can use the sum insured payout for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Dengue is not the only infection this policy covers. It also covers Zika fever, Chikungunya fever, Malaria and Yellow fever.
  • Coverage is available for ages 1 to 99!

To learn more about this policy from Etiqa, click here

It pays to plan for the unforeseen so you can provide your family with appropriate cover that they deserve. There is no better way to show your love for your family than by investing in insurance plans thanks to the easy 5-step method Etiqa provides.

*Information is accurate as of June 2016. Product information is subject to change.

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Erika Coronel

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