Abandoned Baby In The UK Finally Given Dignified Funeral

Abandoned Baby In The UK Finally Given Dignified Funeral

The baby, named Raihana by the police, which means 'nature's flower,' was found inside a black bag that was left on the footpath.

A stillborn child that was found abandoned on a footpath was finally given her last respects.

The funeral was attended by hundreds of mourners

The baby, named Raihana by the police, which means ‘nature’s flower,’ was found inside a black bag that was left on the footpath. That was back in February of this year.

The funeral was held at Wolvercote Cemetery in Oxford and was attended by hundred of mourners, including a number who came from London.

One of the mourners, named Suzi Horsley, had suffered through losing 4 children during her pregnancy, but has since given birth to 3 healthy children.

She shares, “I felt quite strongly that she should be mourned, and that her mother should be supported as well.”

“I hope she sees the coverage of today and sees that there is a network of mothers who understand her loss and understand that pain.”

There were fears that no one would turn up

Deputy Inspector Jim Holmes had fears that no one would turn up for Raihana’s funeral, so he was surprised when a lot of people turned up, a few even came from other parts of the UK.


Photo from: Youtube.com/ BBC News Audio

He said, “We have been inundated with responses. This has touched the hearts and minds of this community and across the country.” He adds that they will still reach out to the child’s mother and that they will continue looking for her.

Councillor Alex Hollingsworth added, “Everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, is entitled to a dignified funeral.” For Raihana’s case, it’s especially true since she died with no one by her side, she deserves to be surrounded by people who love her and care for her, even just for one last time.

Coping with the loss of a child

Coping with loss is never an easy thing, most especially for parents who have struggled through a miscarriage or a stillbirth. If you have recently experienced this kind of loss, know that you’re not alone. Here are some things that should help you grieve:

  • Write down how you feel. Keeping a journal or a diary can be very helpful in verbalizing some of the things that are hard to talk about with other people.
  • Talk about the loss. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but it does help with the healing process. It will let you come to grips with fact that these things do happen.
  • Do something. Do anything to help take your mind off the loss of your loved one. This doesn’t mean that you should forget them, but it means that you need some time away from thoughts of sadness and loss to keep you centered.
  • Look for support groups. You are not alone. Many other parents have gone through this loss and they know and understand how you feel. Joining a support group lets all of you heal from your pain and helps you find people that will support you in your time of loss.
  • There’s nothing wrong with seeking help. If you think that the pain is too great, or if you feel that you might be showing signs of depression, you should seek help. Psychiatrists can help you get to the root of  what’s causing you pain, and help you cope with it better.

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