Want to help your child excel at mental arithmetic? Read this.

Want to help your child excel at mental arithmetic? Read this.

Find out how your child can learn how to do complex maths calculations without relying on a calculator.

As parents we know the importance of doing well in maths not just to excel in school, but also to succeed in various other subjects and important life skills. However, we also know that some children struggle with mathematical concepts. As such, they may fall behind in some areas, causing both themselves and their parents quite a bit of stress.

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

Want your child to develop a love of maths? Then this article is a must-read!


With technology easily available, kids these days may become too dependent on gadgets like calculators — or even apps — when doing maths calculations. This may hamper brain development and critical thinking.

Needless to say, having a maths teaching method that reduces stress in children will help them learn better and promote the development of their left and right brain (and other important mental abilities).

It should also bring relief for parents who want to see their children excel in their school work.

Crestar Learning Centre’s Abacus and Mental Arithmetic programme has been designed to help children improve their maths skills with ease.

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

Watch your child’s maths skills blossom with Abacus and Mental Arithmetictraining.

What is Abacus and Mental Arithmetic?

Crestar’s Mental Arithmetic programme equips your child with techniques for complicated mental calculation, sharpening your child’s memory and strengthening concentration discipline.

This method is based on the principles of abacus calculation.

The abacus is a calculating tool that is used in teaching numbers and arithmetic. With practice, children are trained to register a mental abacus to help them perform complex calculations with precision.

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

Your child will learn to solve complex mathematical problems in their heads in a matter of seconds!

4560 x 3572 =?

Do you think you would be able to answer the above question in your head, in a matter of a few seconds?

Well, if your child has Abacus and Mental Arithmeticskills you can be sure that they will be able to calculate quickly and give the correct answer.

In the Crestar classroom, your child will be guided on how to use the abacus to do calculations for up to 10 digits, and then taught to master the method mentally.

Over time, your child will be able to mentally solve difficult mathematical questions.

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

The Abacus and Mental Arithmeticmethod will teach your child a host of other mental skills too!

Other benefits of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

  • Your child’s mental calculation skills will be further strengthened.
  • Your child’s memory and concentration power will be sharpened through the use of his or her hands, eyes and brain.
  • Through the use of mental imagery for accurate calculations, your child’s left and right brain function will be further developed and strengthened.
  • Your child will receive progressive training in understanding numerical concepts in a stress-free environment.
  • Your child will learn discipline, patience and confidence, and develop a deeper interest in mathematics.
Abacus and Mental Arithmetic

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic: Making maths so much easier and fun!

Crestar’s Abacus and Mental Arithmeticcourse

Crestar’s Abacus and Mental ArithmeticCourse has been exclusively developed by abacus experts from Taiwan.

In fact, Crestar Learning Centre is also an approved examination centre of the International Abacus Mathematics Association Examination (IAMA), Taiwan.

Different courses are available for kids aged 4 to 12 years old, tailored to suit the child’s age.

The progressive Abacus and Mental Arithmeticcourse has the following levels:

  1. Fundamental Level
  2. Foundation Level
  3. Elementary Level
  4. Intermediate Level
  5. Advanced Level

Other plus factors

As a bonus, Crestar Learning Centre’s curriculum and materials are also designed to complement the local mathematics curriculum.

The centre also takes pride in its experienced, well-trained and qualified pool of teachers, who are committed to supporting parents in helping their kids excel in maths.

Parents can also keep track of their children’s progress via the regular progress reports provided through the centre’s Developmental Assessment System (DA system).

Help your child excel in maths today

If you want to learn more about this effective and proven mathematics learning method and help your child excel in maths, find out more from Crestar Learning Centre.

 Year-end holidays activities and programmes

This year-end holidays (November-December), Crestar Learning Centre has specially created an exciting range of abacus and maths related activities and programmes to let your children experience short programmes like Little Money Boss (coins and notes etc).  It will help keep your children meaningfully engaged and have fun with their new friends!

Other holiday programmes include Dance, Art, Chinese Language, Bakery etc. for your children!

For more details, click here for the Centres’ holiday programme schedules!

Send an email via [email protected] or visit/call any of their centres.

Does your child or the child of someone you know follow the Abacus and Mental Arithmeticmethod at Crestar Learning Centre? If ‘yes’, please share your opinion of this method and the Centre with us by leaving a comment below. 

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