Don't Miss Heavenly King Aaron Kwok in Free Online Concert

Don't Miss Heavenly King Aaron Kwok in Free Online Concert

To be held this Saturday, May 9 at 5pm—all you need is an internet connection.

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This Saturday May 9, Aaron Kwok will be livestreaming a charity concert for free at 5pm and all you need is an internet connection.

Aaron Kwok Organises Online Charity Concert

The Cheer Up & Dance concert will be held at the Harbour City mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, and aims to raise funds for dancers and movie industry professionals who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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面對著嚴峻的世紀疫情,大家心情都很沉重,而這個疫情引發出的民生問題,也極其嚴重,包括失業率高企、店舖倒閉、市面蕭條,我看到這些情況,内心很難過,而政府的舒困措施,又未能惠及我身處的演藝界,包括同我並肩作戰多年的舞蹈員和電影幕後工作者,他們很多都是處於失業困境,因此我希望能付上一點棉力,以我的慈善基金名義,舉辦一個網上慈善演唱會,為他們籌募一些抗疫舒困經費,以解燃眉之急!同時我亦希望給大家一點鼓舞的訊息,發放正能量的表演,希望疫情早日過去,大家重回生活正軌。今次這個網上慈善演唱會將於5月9日下午5時全球網上直播,我會聯同我的舞蹈團隊傾力為大家表演一小時。為全人類打氣,為香港打氣!5月9日,大家一起鼓舞、動起來!寓看表演於行善,到時候網上見。 ==== ==== ==== ==== 郭富城鼓舞。動起來網上慈善演唱會2020 Aaron Kwok Cheer up & Dance Online Charity Concert 2020 9/5/2020(星期六) 香港時間1700全球免費同步直播 平台:健康·旦 YouTube頻道、健康.旦 Facebook、Aaronkwokfushing Facebook、海港城 HarbourCity Facebook ==== ==== ==== ==== 捐款戶口: 郭富城國際關愛慈善基金有限公司 Aaron Kwok Love and Concern International Charity Fund Limited Hsbc 634-353288-838 查詢:[email protected]

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Aaron, 54, announced the concert on his Weibo and Instagram social media platforms, and he explained: “Everyone is in a heavy mood faced with this severe epidemic of the century, and the repercussions from the epidemic are also extremely serious, including high unemployment, closed shops, and depressed market.

“I feel sad looking at the situation, and the relief measures by the government have not benefited the performing arts industry that I am in, including the dancers and behind-the-scenes workers in the movie industry who have fought alongside me for many years.

“So, in the name of my charity fund, I’m organising an online charity concert to raise funds for them to fight the epidemic and alleviate their difficulties.”

Don't Miss Heavenly King Aaron Kwok in Free Online Concert

Photo: aaronkwokxx / Instagram

The Hong Kong singer-actor ⁠— one of four Heavenly Kings along with Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, and Leon Lai ⁠— will put on a show for an hour and will be accompanied by 100 dancers.

Aaron’s charity concert will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube.

aaron kwok organises charity concert

Aaron kwok organises charity concert: livestream it on 9 May at 5pm. | Photo: aaronkwokxx / Instagram

This post was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission. 

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Don't Miss Heavenly King Aaron Kwok in Free Online Concert

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