A letter from Santa

A letter from Santa

Santa writes a letter to our readers...

A letter from Santa

Christmas Greetings to all!

I’m Santa. I live in the North Pole. Really.

Stop rolling your eyes, non-believer! It’s terrible that you’ve stopped believing, but trying to get your little one from disbelieving my magic….tsk tsk…that’s just plain wrong!

And you wonder why your stockings are never full anymore!

Anyway, your local mall Santa, the one you dump your cherub-like little one on the laps of, just for a quick shot for the album? Well, he works for me. That’s right. I’m in charge.

The rest of the Santas you see walking around with bells in their hands and cocoa on their beards, they act on my orders. We sort of operate like the Mafia and I call the shots. Getting the drift on my power now?

So why is it that you refuse to believe in me and my comrades? Does dressing in red seem like a big joke to you? You try pulling that much weight into a silly suit that hasn’t been updated fashion-wise for decades and then leaving your home for only one night a year just to deliver presents to kids, half of whom will break those presents within an hour.

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santa sleigh

A one man show!

I’m not chalking up frequent flyer miles here and don’t even get me started on the stress level of this job! You grumble about your daily rush hour. Well, you aint’ got nothing on the word ‘rush’, partner!

Alright, I get it. You’ve stopped believing ‘cause you’re upset. You’re upset because many things are getting you down. Money, kids, spousal problems, I get it…The list is endless. Well, sweetheart, Santa doesn’t just work for the kids.

No siree! I’m here to leave my mark in the hearts of the young and the old, so listen up ‘cause I’m here to remind you that it’s Christmas and there’s no reason to let rising cost of living or anything else get you down.

Spread some love, spread some joy and especially spread it to those who don’t have much.

A hot drink for the man who sells tissue packets at the underpass, a pack of sweets for the little boy you see wiling away time at the void deck every night, or even a smile and a greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’ to the lady you buy your evening paper from….Selfless little deeds that cost nothing but will be remembered.

So come on now, get off that sulky mode you’re stuck in and try to spread some Christmas cheer! And really, when Santa commands, do you really want to go against it?

Merry Christmas.

Santa Claus

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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