A flock of sheep cupcakes

A flock of sheep cupcakes

Blogging mum Radhika from Sinsations shows us how to make these gorgeous sheep cupcakes...

Flock of sheep cupcake

1. Buy a bag of mini marshmallows.

Mini marshmallows

2. Ganache or frost your cupcakes with a yummy frosting of your choice.


3. Push white marshmallows into the frosting or ganache before it sets, working from the outermost circle.


4. Here’s what you need to make the faces of the sheep.

- Some pale brown fondant.

- White fondant or gum paste for the eyes.

- Black fondant for the eyes.

- Basic modelling tools- a ball tool, a pencil tool and a knife tool. You can use the back of a paint brush and a knife if you don’t have these tools.

fondant tools

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5. Model a marble sized ball of brown fondant into an oblong shape.

fondant face
6. Take two small pea sized, balls of brown fondant and flatten them into long tear drops to make the ears.

7. Use the pencil tool, or the middle of a paint brush to make a dent in the middle of the oblong. Use the ball tool or the back of a paint brush to make indentations for the eyes.
Take two little balls of white fondant and flatten them into the marked indentation .Push them into place, then attach the black eyes with a tiny smidgen of water. With the knife tool make a shallow Y. Deepen the ends of the Y with the pencil tool or a toothpick. These are the nostrils.


8. Stick the head onto the ganache, then cover around, with the marshmallows.


9. Cut some in half and glue onto the forehead of the sheep.

20130705-235640 20130705-212527 20130706-000025-1

Have fun with your Flock Of Sheep Cupcakes!

For more recipes from Radhika, check out her blog at http://sinsationscakes.wordpress.com/ or like her on Facebook

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