8 Ways to build a great relationship with your child’s nanny

8 Ways to build a great relationship with your child’s nanny

Cultivating a trusting, respectful relationship with your child’s nanny (or their other caregivers) is essential to creating a happy, healthy environment for your kids

It really does take a village to raise a child. It doesn’t matter who the residents of your village are—a nanny, day care center, or teacher—having a good relationship with them is so important because it greatly determines the quality of care your child will receive.

Raising them in a positive environment, surrounded by caregivers who are bonded by trust and mutual respect will give them comfort, consistency, and security.

Here are some ways to build a positive, and great relationship with your child’s nanny.

Communicate expectations well

Discuss what her responsibilities are from day one. For instance, you can make sure it’s clear from the start if her duties involve other housework as well.

Don’t just spring on tasks out of the blue; this might make her feel taken advantage of. She has to be okay with what she's signing up for from the beginning.

Truly care about them

It’s important to make your nanny feel accepted and appreciated. Her health and well-being is vital in order for her to be able to take care of your kids well.

Be Generous

Make sure they are compensated well and that they are entitled to raises and bonuses, just like any other employee.

This doesn’t only motivate them but gives them security.

Pamper her

Giving her job perks lets her know you value her. Remembering birthdays and holidays by giving gifts to them are good ways to express your appreciation.Don’t get in her way

Even if she does things a little bit differently, give her the independence and respect to make certain decisions, too.

Letting your kids know that she's in charge when you aren’t at home is also one of the ways to keep the caregiving process running smoothly.

Pick your battles

Don’t let small stuff become an issue. The less you criticize or make demands, the more receptive she will be if you need to make big changes in the future.

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Speak up about big issues

However, you also need to talk to them face-to-face about something you’re not happy about; this allows you to speak in a positive tone. Simply leaving a note may cause your nanny to misunderstand you or feel attacked.

Help her remain organized

Work together to come up with a schedule you can both follow. A good idea would be a daily calendar to keep track of school schedules, chores, and other family activities.

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