7-Time Groomsman Cries At His Wedding Because He's 'Finally Married'

7-Time Groomsman Cries At His Wedding Because He's 'Finally Married'

7-time groomsman cries at his wedding because he's so glad he's finally getting married. Read more about this light-hearted moment here!

Many people cry at weddings, but this groom took it to a whole new level — bawling his eyes out because he's "finally married".

In a viral video circulated on Weibo on Tuesday (Oct 29), a 30-year-old Chinese man from Fuyang can be seen weeping uncontrollably at his wedding during his speech.

"I can't hold it in anymore. It's been so hard for me to get married," said the emotional groom.

"I've been a groomsman seven times, whenever they (my friends) got married, I would mess with them. Now that I'm getting married and they're doing it back to me, I'm fine with it," he wailed as the crowd roared with laughter.

He even thanked them for the hazing, adding that he was "especially happy and enjoying it very much".

The man was grateful to have married well and confessed that he loves his wife deeply and that said she treats him very well. He also spoke of his in-laws and heaped praise on their culinary skills, likening a meal at their place to having a feast during the Lunar New Year.

He even recounted an instance when he had to work overtime till midnight and his mother-in-law stayed up to make noodles for him and delivered it to his house at 11pm.

"I'm finally married," he yelled into the microphone as the crowd went wild.

Then, he turned to his bride and asked: "Wife, do you want to say a few words? I've been the one talking all this time."

His bride replied: "All I want to say is no matter how tired, exhausted or annoyed you are outside, whenever you look back, I'll be waiting at home for you."

A guest at the wedding told Chinese media that the groom broke down during his thank you speech to the guests and the bride looked blissful and happy at the reaction from the audience. Throughout the speech, the bride was also helping to wipe away his tears.

"The crowd reacted with joy. Whenever he cried, others would laugh," the guest said.

This article was first published on AsiaOne and was republished on theAsianparent with permission.

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