Grandma hides stillborns for 20 years

Grandma hides stillborns for 20 years

55-year-old Bernadette hid her three stillborns in her closet for 20 years and secretly buried the fourth one in a cemetery.

55-year-old hides stillborns for 20 years

55-year-old hides stillborns for 20 year

We’re sure you must have heard your fair share of horror stories about mentally disturbed moms but a recent case of a 55-year-old mom hiding her four stillborns definitely takes the cake!

Keeping stillborns past date of birth

Bernadette Quirk who gave birth to two pairs of stillborns between 1985 and 1995 has admitted to hiding three of them in her wardrobe for the past 20 years. The three stillborns were wrapped in rags and dumped into a bin in her wardrobe. The fourth one was buried in a cemetery.

Bernadette Quirk

Bernadette Quirk shielding her face from the cameras

The court has warned her that she could be jailed for hiding the stillborns.

It is believed that Quirk gave birth to all four of her babies when she was going through difficult times in life and addicted to alcohol. A year ago when she got arrested, she was being treated for depression and was almost evicted from her home.

Quirk doesn’t recall having given birth to fourth baby

Until now, Quirk insists that she does not even remember having given birth to her fourth baby! She admits that when she gave birth to her babies almost 20 years ago, she was troubled and confused and has since obliterated most past memories from her mind.

Bernadette Quirk's home where the remains where found

Bernadette Quirk’s home where the remains where found

Even though Quirk moved house several times between 1985 and 1995, she brought her stillborns with her. It is unsure why she did so although some speculate that it was because she was overwhelmingly attached to her babies. Some feel that she was just afraid of being caught.

Quirk’s relatives

Quirk’s relatives are shocked that so much has happened and are planning a proper burial for the stillborns.

The judge has not been able to come to a conclusion ever since this matter came to light as he feels that he needs to know more about Quirk’s background and what really happened 20 years ago. It does not help that Quirk insists that she does not remember exact details although she has already pleaded guilty to all four crimes.

A disturbing case

It is indeed horrifying to hear of such disturbing cases!

Giving birth to stillborns can be very upsetting and will definitely take a toll on both the mom and dad. Mothers often take a long while to accept reality and bid farewell to their baby. While it is true that stillborn births may affect a mom’s mental well-being, it is also heartwarming to hear of moms who endure the pain and go on to give birth to healthy babies.

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