50 alternative uses for Coca-Cola you never knew existed

50 alternative uses for Coca-Cola you never knew existed

Here are 50 alternative uses for Coca-Cola that you probably never knew existed. You can shine, baste, tan - the possibilities are endless!

Many of us might keep from drinking Coca-Cola and other sugar-filled, fizzy drinks. However, did you know that there are actually tonnes of other uses for Coca-Cola? The carbonic acid it contains makes it great for cleaning and its phosphoric acid is a master at getting rid of bad odours!

Take a look at this amazing list put together by Varooma. We guarantee that after you have a look at these 50 alternative uses for Coca-Cola, you'll never be able to think about Coca-Cola the same way again. With everything from removing rust to basting a ham, we're excited to go home and put some of these uses to the test!

Coca-Cola could just be a mum's go-to product for a whole range of sticky situations!
50 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola

The infographic '50 Alternative Uses for Coca-Cola' is courtesy of Varooma

Having seen all these 50 alternative uses for Coca-Cola, which ones are your favourites? Let us know if you have any uses, tried and tested, that were not included in this infographic. We'd love to know what other innovative ways we can use this surprisingly versatile product!

Source: Greenlight Credit Ltd. Varooma


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Sonia Pasupathy

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