5-Year-Old Singapore Girl Saves Mum From Being Thrown Out Of Window By Father

5-Year-Old Singapore Girl Saves Mum From Being Thrown Out Of Window By Father

A 5-year-old girl in Singapore saved her mum from being thrown out of the window by her father by seeking help from the neighbours. Read more here.

A five-year-old girl saved her mum from her father’s clutches after he tried to throw her out of their ninth-floor kitchen window by swiftly alerting the neighbours. 

The girl’s parents, a 48-year-old taxi driver and a 29-year-old Vietnamese homemaker were in a heated argument at the time of the incident.

According to media reports, the man was angry because his wife sent back money to Vietnam instead of saving the money to buy a house here.

girl saves mum

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Repeatedly tried to throw wife out of window 

girl saves mum

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After their argument, the Singaporean man had allegedly even told his wife to “go and die.”

Moments later, while his wife was brushing her teeth at the sink, he suddenly held on to her waist with both hands and tried to lift her towards the kitchen window. 

The wife lost her balance and fell to the floor near the washing machine. But despite her fall, the man picked her up from her calves and attempted to lift her out of the kitchen window again.

However, he was not able to do so because his wife held on to the washing machine door preventing him from carrying her to the window. 

Daughter saves mum by calling neighbours 

In order to save her mum, the five-year-old girl sought the neighbours’ attention by shouting,” Help mummy, help mummy” at the common corridor. 

She also went around shouting and knocking on the neighbouring unit’s door.  

Three neighbours finally came to her rescue after her cry for help. 

An unknown neighbour had also informed the police about the incident saying, ” Husband is trying to throw the wife down. There is a lot of commotion.”

The man hearing the neighbours coming released the woman. However, after they left he yet again tried to haul her out towards the window by grabbing her waist. 

The daughter immediately ran out and got their neighbours’ help once again. 

Finally, the man let go of his wife when she shouted his name. 

She immediately ran out of the house and asked her neighbours for help. 

The police arrived shortly after. 

Man pleaded guilty in court

5-Year-Old Singapore Girl Saves Mum From Being Thrown Out Of Window By Father

Source: file photo


According to Yahoo News, on Wednesday, 11 December 2019, the man pleaded guilty in court for using criminal force on his wife of six years. 

He is expected to be sentenced on 9 January 2020. 

For using criminal force, the man faces up to three months’ jail and a fine of up to $1,500.

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