5 Things Twins Hate to Hear

5 Things Twins Hate to Hear

For many it's fun to joke around with twins about being identical or of the same age and It may even seem funny to us, but it can really hurt their feelings. Find out which 5 things you should always try to steer clear of saying when talking to twins.

Most twins are identical, do things together and may even dress alike. All of these characteristics make some people forget that they are two different individuals with varying attitudes and moods. If you want to stay in the twins’ good books, try to avoid saying these 5 things the next time you meet them:

1. Do you feel pain if your twin does?

5 Things Twins Hate to Hear

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Admit it, even you are curious as to whether the twins feel something like physical pain simultaneously.

Some people even have the gall to pinch or hit one twin and ask the other if she had felt it. Doing and saying these things to twins will not only make you appear creepy but it would also make them feel uncomfortable around you.

Twins may have this special bond between them but they don’t necessarily feel what the other physically feels.

2. Oh, so you’re that twin…

No one wants to be constantly compared to their sibling much less their twin. Endless comparisons can only trigger jealousy and resentment.

People should accept that twins have different strengths and weaknesses. It is perfectly normal for one of them to be good at something that the other isn’t. The key is to not make the other feel inadequate.

As parents of twins, consistent encouragement is needed. Do not have expectations that apply to both of them as the other who can’t deliver may feel unloved or underappreciated.

3. You’re not going with your twin?

5 Things Twins Hate to Hear

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Twins have been together since before they were born but that doesn’t mean that they can’t go anywhere without the other. Most people are surprised when twins do not belong to the same circle of friends. While it is important that twins maintain their special relationship, it is also encouraged that they make friends of their own. As a parent, encourage your twins to mingle with other people. They can do this separately or together but the main thing is to let them have a social life.

4. I like you better

5 Things Twins Hate to Hear

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Saying this phrase is just a tad more tactful than saying, “I like your twin better”. Twins are just like other people who get hurt and uncomfortable when other people say bad things about their siblings. Twins are so tired of competition and comparison that they just don’t want to hear about it anymore.

5. Have you exchanged partners?

This question can be so rude but you’ll be surprised as to how many times it gets asked by people. Twins can share a lot of things but it is none of your business to find out the answer to this age-old question. Whenever you want to ask this question, just zip your mouth and move on to different topics. But if she shares this information with you willingly, then that’s a different story. Do you have twin friends? What are the things that you think they hate to hear? Share your answers with us.


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