5 Things to look for when choosing family care products – and a chance to win $50 worth of products you can trust

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This list will help you find family care products that you can rely on.

Choosing toiletries, laundry detergent and other family care products sounds pretty straightforward but finding the best ones for your family can be overwhelming. Here’s one list that might be able to help you - These are the factors that help supermums make the crucial decision of finding family care products that can be trusted.

#1 Safety is top priority

When it comes to caring for our children, their well-being is our priority. We want products that we can trust because these are products that our kids will use daily; non-toxic is non-negotiable.

5 Things to look for when choosing family care products – and a chance to win $50 worth of products you can trust

Adherence to regulatory guidelines and up-to-date scientific findings is important too. Who wants to worry about the potentially harmful side-effects of a product especially after having used it? It gives us great assurance when we know that what we’re using is safe for our family.

#2 High quality should be a given

High quality means we want products that do the job they were meant to do. For example, a laundry detergent that promises effective killing of harmful germs must follow through on the claim. Otherwise, it’s very unlikely that it’ll be purchased again.

5 Things to look for when choosing family care products – and a chance to win $50 worth of products you can trust

Ingredients are another way of judging how well a product has been made. A purer product is more effective; therefore, for us, the value of a pure product is much higher than that of a watered down one.

#3 Best value is the price

Raising a family is a long-term commitment and involves managing finances well. This is why finding best value products is so important. Some brands offer premium products that promise to be the best for babies, but are priced so high that they might not be the most practical choice. The savings you make when you switch away from more expensive goods can then be channeled to buying other essentials.

#4 A trusted brand is be a big help

5 Things to look for when choosing family care products – and a chance to win $50 worth of products you can trust

Aside from money, time is another valuable resource that shouldn’t be wasted. Instead of trying to decide on the best brand for each and every item on your shopping list, finding a trustworthy brand that has a wide range of products will save you the trouble. Find a brand that has your family covered from head to toe and one that can grow with your family.

#5 Accessibility is key

Naturally, what good is everything else on the list if the products aren’t accessible? Needing to hunt for a specific item is frustrating and inconvenient. Online shopping is making this a lot easier – a few clicks and the products are promptly delivered to our home.

The brand that meets our needs

If you’re looking for a brand of family care products that can meet all of the above criteria, consider Pureen, with its “Thinking About Baby and You” mission:

  • Safe products that are specifically made for babies and many others that can be used by the whole family
  • Highly recommended by online shoppers who say they will buy Pureen products again because they’re good quality
  • Reasonably priced products “made with the highest quality ingredients, the safest formulations, and the greatest care”
  • Can accompany you throughout your journey of caring for your family – from maternity pads and stretch mark cream to nursing products, baby head-to-toe wash and nappy rash cream; to mosquito repellent and anti-bacterial laundry detergent.
  • Available in several e-commerce stores: Qoo10Lazada, and Shopee. Also available at Kiddy Palace, Giant Hypermart, Tom & Stefanie, CK, various department stores and neighbourhood personal care shops.

#ChoosePureen contest

5 Things to look for when choosing family care products – and a chance to win $50 worth of products you can trust

To experience for themselves just how great Pureen products are, they are giving away a hamper worth $50 containing Pureen’s top products ranging from the liquid cleanser for washing feeding bottles or fruits and vegetables to Rekito, the DEET-free mosquito repellant for children above 12 months for 50 lucky mums! Join this contest below:

The prize*

The following items will be included in the hamper:

  • 1x Baby Head To Toe 250ml
  • 1x Baby Powder 50g
  • 1x Antiseptic Powder 175g
  • 1x ABD 1.2kg
  • 1X Liq Cleanser 750ml Fragrance-free
  • 1x Nappy Rash Cream
  • 1x 2x30 wipes scented
  • 1x2x30 wipes unscented
  • 1x2x30 wipes antibacterial
  • 1x Rekito
  • 1x toothpaste strawberry 75g
  • 1x Kid’s HTT 150ml Apple, Vanilla or Raspberry

Terms and conditions:

Participants may choose to post as many times as they want but may only win once.

Pureen employees are not eligible to join this promotion.

The 50 winners will be chosen based on the content of their post. Prizes to be collected at Pureen's office located at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 #06-28 [email protected] Singapore 569139.

*If an item is unavailable, Pureen reserves the right to exchange the item for another item of similar value.

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