5 Baby Products That Are Surprisingly Good for Adults

Mums are notorious for giving up things for their kids. No doubt your shopping habits have changed, but here are five products that you and baby can share.

Babies, babies, babies. Once you have them your life is indefinitely consumed with products for them, about them and perhaps even with their cute, chubby faces on them.

We all want good, baby-friendly products, but did you know that many baby products can be good for you, too?

Here are five products that are actually really great for adults.

Baby products that are good for adults

1. Baby bags

baby products for adults

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I’ve been dragging around the same faux crocodile skin Spencer and Rutherford travel bag for well over a decade. With an impending trip to the United States I realised that it wasn’t going to make the trans-Atlantic flight in one piece.

Being a busy woman I left packing to the last minute and it is universally acknowledged that when one is in need of a fashion item, one can never find something suitable.

Walking into my local Mimco, there it was, glimmering patent black in all its perfection – travel-sized, enough pockets for all my hidden luxuries and ideal for plane carry-on. I was then informed that this was indeed a baby bag. What!? The Holy Grail of bags was intended for glamorous mums?

That got me thinking. Why should babies get all the good stuff? Why can’t I buy a baby bag? I’m not about to start drinking my morning coffee from a bottle, but here are a few of my other favourite baby-related items.

2. Baby oil

Baby oil is the best. A few drops of baby goodnight or milk bath in the tub and you’ll be sleeping soundly, smelling delightful and yes … enjoying softer skin.

I even put a few drops of baby oil on my razor after I’m done shaving my legs as it cleans the hair out better than water alone. I wouldn’t be adverse to an evening lullaby, but I may be asking too much of my cat.

3. Baby wipes

baby products for adults

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Supplement expensively branded make-up wipes for baby wipes, which are about the same but can be less than a quarter the price. You can also buy them in bulk – which is good for those who wear an inordinate amount of make-up.

Baby wipes also have a lot of great uses for cleaning the house, too. I’ve also been told from numerous sources that wet and warm baby washers are great for warming up your breasts before you pump.

4. Baby powder

Baby powder is a firm favourite on this list. Not only is it marvellous for baby’s bottoms and avoiding nappy rash, but it is excellent on adult bodies when it’s hot and for odd jobs around the house. We have even compiled a list of things you didn’t know baby powder could be used for.

5. Lanolin

5 Baby Products That Are Surprisingly Good for Adults

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Lanolin is always in my bathroom cupboard, and during the winter months it even takes up valuable space in that now well-loved baby bag of mine. While you can use it for babies bottoms, it is also ideal for breastfeeding mums’ cracked nipples and also doubles as a great lip balm.

So next time you’re in the baby aisle, perhaps linger a little longer. Keep an eye out for things for yourself. You never know what you might find since there are many baby products out there that can be good for adults too!

This post was first published on Kidspot and was republished on theAsianparent with permission.

5 Baby Products That Are Surprisingly Good for Adults

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