Ultrasounds, move aside! You can now 3D print your unborn baby!

Ultrasounds, move aside! You can now 3D print your unborn baby!

It is predicted that 3D printed fetuses will be one of 2016’s hottest trends...

For the past decade or so, 3D and 4D ultrasounds have been all the rage among expectant parents but this year, 3D printing your unborn fetuses is predicted to be THE rising trend for 2016.

Channel Mum – UK’s most popular video-based parenting community and website – recently released their predictions for the trends that will sweep the parenting world in 2016. Number one on their list was 3D printed fetuses — essentially little dolls or casts printed to resemble a 3D ultrasound.



Image via WolfPrint 3D

These dolls and casts are available online in a variety of sizes and skin tones. Both are printed using ultrasound images you provide, with your 'baby's' skin tone entirely up to you.

These companies reproduce the baby’s face from your images, then print it out just the way you want it. You can even choose which position suits him best – with or without the genitalia showing. How creepy sweet!


image via Indiegogo


Image via Indiegogo



Image via 3D Babies

The small face castings cost around $300 and the full-size dolls retail for $250 to $550, depending on what size you want. You can show it off to your friends and family by displaying it in your living room. Or you can place it on your bedside table to creep the hell out of your husband. It's all up to you.

The dolls first made the press rounds in 2013 when an entrepreneur launched an Indiegogo campaign to get funding for a 3D fetus printing company.

That company — called 3D Babies — still exists, and if Channel Mum’s predictions are right, this might just be their year to shine.

News Source: The Guardian

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