Injured mum's carer is just 3 years old

Injured mum's carer is just 3 years old

Little Qianqian tenderly looks after her injured mother in the absence of other carers. Read this story now and be prepared to shed a few tears...

Posted by CGTN on Wednesday, 14 October 2015

On September 25 this year, a Chinese mum was involved in a horrible hit-and-run accident in the city of Ruzhou in Henan province.

According to CCTV News and other reports, the woman — Wang Huixian — suffered multiple fractures, which confined her to a hospital bed.

Reportedly, Wang had no one to look after her, following the loss of her parents in the same accident and also since she was estranged from her husband after a divorce.

But then help came toddling along in the form of a darling little girl — Wang’s very own three-year-old daughter Qianqian.

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One of the residents who went to visit them couldn’t hold back tears in front of the camera, saying it was heart-wrenching to see such a little child doing jobs that are just overwhelming for her.

Posted by CGTN on Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A wonderfully caring little girl

In a video report by Henan TV that has now gone viral (see below), “Qianqian was seen wearing her only clothes, doing jobs normally reserved for adults like delivering water and food to her mother, wiping away her tears, and taking away her waste.”

According to CCTV News, a woman who went to visit the little girl and her mum in hospital just couldn’t hold back her tears after seeing the touching sight first-hand, saying “My three-year-old kid isn’t capable of anything under the shelter of parents, but look at this little girl.”

She also said that it was heart-breaking to see such a little girl working in this manner — tasks that would be overwhelming even for an adult.

3 year old chinese girl cares for her injured mother

This 3 year old Chinese girl cares for her injured mother like only a daughter can – unbelievably touching.
Images – YouTube screengrabs

Reports say that initially, things were looking grim financially for Wang and her little girl because of the rapidly rising medical costs incurred due to her injuries.

However, kind-hearted netizens, after reading about the story and watching the video, have donated generously, including cash, clothes and food.

Crucial surgery that couldn’t be done due to the lack of funds has now reportedly been organised. Meanwhile, police are still on the lookout for the driver of the other vehicle involved in the hit-and-run accident.

theAsianparent wishes this brave little girl and her mum all the best and sincerely hopes Wang recovers fully.

Sweet little Qianqian — we know you are going to grow up to be an incredible, caring and responsible young lady. The world certainly needs more like you!

Watch the Henan TV video report below: 

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