The 3 golden rules of your 2nd trimester

The 3 golden rules of your 2nd trimester

This “honeymoon” period during your pregnancy is a burst of energy for you, pregnant mums. Here are some ways to make the best of your second trimester.

WOW! Those first 12 weeks of your pregnancy must have felt like a whirlwind of a ride. As you enter your 2nd trimester (weeks 13 to 27), your body’s raging hormones have settled and the days of awful morning sickness are behind you. You feel better both physically and emotionally, and you are practically glowing. Your baby bump should be showing now and for some of you, your baby might have even started kicking!

Welcome to the “honeymoon” or Golden Trimester of your pregnancy. This is the BEST stage of your pregnancy journey! Take advantage of this spike in vitality to stay active during your pregnancy and treat yourself to some quality time before baby arrives. It is beneficial to you and the baby’s developmental health.

It is also a good time to start planning for the more serious stuff like researching what to prepare for your newborn, and your family’s finances. Read on for insightful tips on how to best enjoy your second trimester without burning a hole in your pocket!

2nd trimester

With your newfound burst of energy during the second trimester, it’s time to keep an active lifestyle.

1. Let’s get moving

Your energy has returned. Finally, you can be out and about and feel awesome. This is the time to get moving again. Make the most of this energy by doing some low impact activities to boost your physical fitness in preparation for your baby’s birth. Before embarking on exercise during pregnancy, consult your gynaecologist for advice.

You will find plenty of benefits for keeping active during your pregnancy. Not only does exercise offer the release of endorphins to boost your mood, help relieve backaches and reduce constipation, it helps prepare your body for labour and delivery too. Exercise also helps reduce pain levels during delivery (natural birth). After birth, you will find that it is easier to recover and you will return to your pre-pregnancy weight sooner and more easily. Here are some other physical activities to try.

  • Walking is easy to start and can be done just about anywhere. It is good exercise that helps with the natural delivery of your baby. We suggest taking a walk in the early mornings or late evenings when the air is cooler.
  • Expert-led pre-natal yoga classes are helpful for pregnant mums, as the instructors will teach you how to breathe properly during your pregnancy and your delivery. This can help alleviate the breathlessness some mothers might experience as their growing uterus stifles the lungs, making it a little harder to breathe as the pregnancy progresses. Plus, the gentle exercises keep you fit and connected with your little one. Beauty.Mum & Babies offers a 40% off ala-carte treatments for mums, including pre-natal yoga classes – you get to save and enjoy a treat, new mum!
  • Swimming is another activity that is beneficial for pregnant moms. The water lightens the load of the baby weight and strengthens the mother’s limbs as she swims. Try light aqua aerobics or aqua yoga as alternatives to swimming.
2nd trimester

The 2nd trimester is an opportune period to shop for baby items with your better energy levels, and before your baby bump gets heavier during the third trimester.

2. Buy, save and earn!

Thanks to your new burst of energy during the 2nd trimester, this is also the best time to go shopping for your baby essentials like baby furniture and nursery essentials. You are more mobile, in a better mood and physically able to visit more shops to check out the products you want for your baby’s room.

Look out for good deals with the Baby Bonus Card by the POSB Smiley CDA (Child Development Account). It offers great discounts on baby-related products and services, which helps you save as you buy.

POSB Smiley CDA account holders will also earn 2% per annum interest on their CDA balance and receive a free Nespresso Coffee machine with any selected regular endowment plan. That’s taking care of not just your baby’s needs, but for the newly-minted sleep-deprived parents too! The government will even grant a dollar-for-dollar matching offer for your newborn’s CDA too. Now, that’s a savvy way to grow your savings while building up your family funds!

2nd trimester

Treat your pregnant body to a rejuvenating prenatal massage at a special discount – whoever said pampering treats should burn a hole in your pocket?

3. Keep calm and relax

While you may feel your best during the second trimester of your pregnancy, make time to rest and relax as the calmness will help you appreciate and feel those baby hiccups and little nudges from within. The blessings of having a little baby!

Book yourself regular massage sessions to soothe your mind, body and soul. With over 40 merchants in retail, dining and entertainment, POSB Smiley CDA (Child Development Account) has great deals for their account holders. A pregnant mum’s well-being is taken care of right from the start, and that’s thoughtfulness and support from the ones who understand the importance of simple joys in life.

Spend a relaxing hour at GO60 with their 60 minutes Face, Body or Spa Treatment. Or, be treated like a Queen at Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber with their special 60 minutes TCM Wellness Body/Foot Massage. You could also indulge in a pampering body/foot massage session at Masego The Safari Spa. These soulful treats offer a wonderful time-out for the growing pregnant mum who needs to relieve the physical discomfort she experiences.

Remember the 3 golden rules of the 2nd trimester: keep moving, look for great deals and stay calm. Enjoy your golden moments during the 2nd trimester, mums-to-be!

The 3 golden rules of your 2nd trimester

The article is written in collaboration with POSB Smiley CDA to support parents in raising children in Singapore. Apply online for an account today!

Are you enjoying the burst of energy during your 2nd trimester? Share with us what you will be doing during this “honeymoon” period!

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