Potty Train Your Child Using This Revolutionary Technique in Just 3 Days!

Potty Train Your Child Using This Revolutionary Technique in Just 3 Days!

This revolutionary potty training technique will ensure that your child is potty trained in just 3 days! Just ensure that he is ready to be trained

Potty training is one of the major milestones in the life of a toddler. And for a parent, it is a cause of anxiety, and exhilaration once the child is trained in this aspect! Traditionally, it used to be quite a difficult thing to do. But now, mums and dads, you have at your disposal the Fellom technique - a revolutionary way to train your toddler in just 3 days!  

Potty training basics

Potty Train Your Child Using This Revolutionary Technique in Just 3 Days!

To start with, you need to understand whether your child is ready to be potty trained. Because, before that, whatever you do, nothing is going to work out. Just like you cannot make the child talk or walk, you cannot MAKE the child use a potty. 

As a rule of a thumb, your child is ready to be potty trained only when he starts getting bothered by a soiled diaper. If he still continues to do whatever he is doing after pooping in his diapers, he is not ready to be toilet trained. Once he is ready, he will start making an effort to get out of the diaper. He may either tug at it or try to tell you to change it, depending on his age.

Once he is ready, you should try the Fellom technique.

Fellom technique for potty training

Potty Train Your Child Using This Revolutionary Technique in Just 3 Days!

This three-day technique is a bit unorthodox, needs a bit of patience, but once it is done, you will heave a sigh of relief. The basic idea is to let your child understand that he has /peed and act upon it.

According to a mum, even before you start potty training, you need to prime your child to the sensation of wetness. To do that, buy some age-appropriate underwear. And, let your child wear the underwear INSIDE the diaper. This way, whenever he pees, he will feel the unfamiliar and uncomfortable sensation of wetness, something essential for potty training. Do this for a week and then, you start the three-day potty training schedule.

Day 1

  1. This is the day your child goes naked the whole day. So it is best to do it indoors, for your comfort.
  2. Keep a potty in every room, or shift one to the room where your child is playing.
  3. When he exhibits a need to pee/poo, pick him up quickly and place him on the potty.
  4. Tell him that this is the place to pee/poop
  5. Encourage him to pee just before sleeping and put the diaper on just before he sleeps

Day 2

Day 2 is quite in line with day 1, except you venture out! The idea is to leave the house and let your child wait until you reach home. Again, if he is not ready for it, it is going to be difficult and frustrating. However, if he is ready, here is what you should do.

  1. Let him be naked waist down while he is at home
  2. Then, dress him up without a diaper while you go out. Let him wear a comfortable trouser with/without underwear. Just don't use the diaper
  3. Carry enough change of clothes, and go out for about an hour. Don't venture too far, as you can rush back if the need arises
  4. Do it in the morning, while he is well-rested.
  5. Again, encourage him to pee before sleeping and use a diaper for the night

Day 3

Potty Train Your Child Using This Revolutionary Technique in Just 3 Days!

On the final day, you venture out again, but this time, twice! So, follow all the steps as Day 2, just go out once again in the evening. If you want to, you can take a portable potty with you, though it will not be the most convenient thing to do. 

Remember, accidents are going to happen. Just ensure that your child is on the potty whenever he has to go. 

Many mums swear by this technique. Why don't you try this out, mums?

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Anay Bhalerao

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