21 Travel Hacks for Families with Kids

21 Travel Hacks for Families with Kids

Here's how to ensure the entire family can have a stress-free holiday!

Travelling to new places can give you beautiful memories to treasure forever. When you tour with your family, it not only lets you take a break from the daily routine but strengthens the bond between family members as well. There’s no doubt that family travel is an important part of children’s early years. It is an opportunity for your kids to see something new, indulge in plenty of activities and enhance their level of curiosity. However, it can be quite stressful to plan a holiday when you have small kids. In such situations, you would be much relieved if you had a readymade, well-prepared, handy list of travel hacks for families with kids. Don’t you agree?

21 Travel Hacks for Families with Kids

travel hacks for families with kids

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If you wish to plan a family holiday with your brood and want it to be more fun and less stress, then these 21 travel hacks will save you some time and also keep you sane throughout the journey.

1. Take it Slow

Whether you’re getting to the airport or exploring the destination, don’t rush. Let your family take their time and enjoy the tour rather than hustling all the way.

2. Avoid Overpacking

Packing can be a headache, especially when you have to do it for yourself and your kids. We usually have a tendency to pack everything that our kids may need. But that’s a bad idea! Ensure to pack just enough stuff; don’t overpack.

3. Get some Good Gear

Invest in good quality backpacks and smart strollers that will make things easier for you on the go.

4. Pack a First-Aid Kit

Don’t forget to pack some basic medicines and a first-aid kit for the whole family.

5. Carry Kids Entertainment

travel hacks for families with kids

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You ought to carry things like toys, games, books, maps, earphones and even a camera to keep your kids busy during travel.  

6. Pack Extra Snacks

Make sure you don’t leave your house without enough snacks and baby food. Babies and young kids can get anxious when they’re hungry and there’s nothing to munch on while travelling. 

7. Pack Your Baby Kit

You will certainly need more baby clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. to clean up when your baby spits, vomits or dirties the diaper time and again.

8. Ear Popping on The Plane

Kids and babies won’t understand the effect of the difference in pressure on the flight. Teach your kids different ways to manage it. You can use a feeding bottle/lollipop for your kid.

9. Pack Stuff for Childproofing

Carry plastics/tapes and plaster risky electric switches/sharp corners in your hotel room. This will keep your kids safe from getting hurt accidentally. 

10. Use Ziplock for Clothing

Organising your baby’s clothes in zip-lock bags can save you from confusion during the tour. Also ensure to carry layered clothing for emergency use.

11. Make Advance Bookings

21 Travel Hacks for Families with Kids

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Book your hotels, flights and seats (with more legroom) well in advance and plan your flight times strategically (based on your kids’ daily routine). Doing so will help avoid last minute worry and discomfort.

12. Research Well

Study different factors about your destination so that your family is well equipped for any situation.

13. Avoid Too Much Cost-Cutting

It is of course good to stay within your budget but when travelling with family, choose quality over cheaper rates. Ensure that you don’t compromise on the stay, flight seats and comfort while trying to save some bucks.

14. Be Prepared

It goes without saying that you must be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, irrespective of how well you’ve planned your trip. Staying calm during such situations will help you find feasible solutions.

15. Avoid Hotel Hopping

21 Travel Hacks for Families with Kids

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Comfort is a priority when travelling with children. Make sure that you stay at the same hotel/BnB on all days, unless you’re visiting a farther location on one of the days and have to spend the night there.

16. Include Downtime

Include enough rest in between your agenda rather than jam-packing all the days with back-to-back activities. You can get some rest back at the hotel or schedule downtime on your way, say, relaxing by the river, lying on the grass, having a relaxed dinner at a restaurant and so on. 

17. Choose Between Sling and Stroller

When you research, you’ll learn about the weather and other factors related to your holiday destination. Based on this information, you can decide what will be suitable and easier for you to manage – a stroller or a baby sling to carry your baby.

18. Carry Spare Clothing

travel hacks for families with kids

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Carrying just the right amount of clothing is smart planning, no doubt. But when babies and young kids are travelling with you, it’s always good to pack one or two extra pairs of clothes for all of you.

19. Keep Your Documents Ready

Keep your passports, children’s birth certificates and other important documents when you travel. It’s best to have the copies printed in English as well as in the destination city’s local language.

20. Stay Safe

Don’t let your children go out of your sight. Invest in a GPS tracker and stick it on them; also attach a sticker on their shoes/jacket/caps with your contact details so that they can contact you if they’re lost.

21. Just Go

Lastly, don’t panic. Just go with the plan, stay calm and embark on your family vacation. Before you know it, you’ll be planning your next family holiday to an unknown destination!

It’s important to remember that irrespective of the amount of planning, unexpected situations can occur. Be flexible, stay cool and let these simple travel hacks for families with kids make your holiday easy and fun.

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