12 show-stopping birthday cakes to make kids parties awesome

12 show-stopping birthday cakes to make kids parties awesome

Let them eat cake...birthday cake!

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn't like cake. Everyone of every age loves cake and no matter the occasion, just about every partygoer will be grabbing a slice! So, why not impress your guests with one of these incredible birthday cakes for kids?

We've compiled a list of truly awesome cakes that will have kids going crazy!

Take a look at these spectacular cakes baked specially for kids:

1. Cake-ception


A photo posted by Anjanette Nolasco (@meeanjjj) on

It's a big cake within a circle made of individual cakes...need I say more?

2. Royal Minnie Mouse


A photo posted by Inspire & Aspire (@inaspire_) on

The first lady of Disney herself couldn't turn down this masterpiece!

3. Winnie the Pooh

"Oh, bother!" This Winnie the Pooh cake is sweeter than honey!

4. Toy Story Aliens


A photo posted by Aya sekino ;-) (@aya_rky) on

Kids don't need "The Claw" to choose this cake!

5. Sesame Street


A photo posted by Luna Cake Shop (@lunacakeshop) on

Who wouldn't want to devour this cake like Cookie Monster?

6. Paddington Bear

Grab your raincoats and hats... Paddington Bear is joining to the party!

7. Lego

You don't have to piece together about this dessert. "Everything Is Awesome" about this cake!

8. Minecraft


A photo posted by RubyCakes (@rubycakes79) on

Kids love Minecraft. Adults love cake. Everyone wins with this amazingly designed cake!

9. Princess Minion


A photo posted by @timeforcake.glasgow on

This incredibly and masterfully crafted cake i funny and delectable!

10. Play-Doh


A photo posted by genia windster (@geniazsweettreats) on

This cake was definitely not as easy to craft as Play-Doh artwork!

11. Superheroes


A photo posted by RubyCakes (@rubycakes79) on

A delightful and awesome mix of different superheroes? Sounds...super!

12. Star Wars

Delicious, this cake looks! Love it, kids will.


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