11 Early Signs That Your Kid is Smarter Than Average

11 Early Signs That Your Kid is Smarter Than Average

Wanna know if your child will grow up to be smarter than average? Learn how you can find out with help from the experts!

Each and every child is special, but if you’ve ever wondered if your child has the natural potential to be ahead of the curve, or have above average intelligence, researchers believe there are a number of signs that can help parents find out. The best part: you don’t have to wait too long to do your research!

That’s right. The indications that your little one is destined for academic greatness can be determined fairly early, and today we’re going to determine what parents need to do to find out!

Let’s take a look at these 11 early signs that your kids will be smart:

1. They have great memory

One great starting point for finding out if your baby is going to be a little genius, is by analyzing their ability to memorize things. According to the experts at New Kid’s Center, “if your infant can remember past events, like where a toy was hidden, or they can quickly recognize faces and locations, those are indications your child is gifted. In fact, having a good memory is regarded as a useful skill at virtually any age.”

Try testing your kids memory, and even stimulating it by doing some memory based activities or games. They may have a naturally enhanced memory, but you can always work to help strengthen it a little more with some practice!

2. They have a contemplative look

your kid is smarter than average

HAs your baby, or child ever been spotted just staring deeply into an object or into the distance? Well, if so, it’s a strong possibility that he’s flexing his deep thinking skills, and focus. Dr. Deborah L. Ruf, an educational consultant, told The Huffington Post that “brighter children start watching and paying attention early in life.”

Obviously, there are going to be times your kid is just staring off and getting lost in their thoughts, but sometimes they’re thinking deeply and learning. According to Dr. Ruf, “They absorb from their environment so much, adults are often surprised at what they already know.”

3. They’re able to draw conclusions, and make informational links

Think about your ability to draw conclusions and make informational links as an adult. For example, you see someone making sandwich, so you’re able to infer that they’re hungry and they’re going to eat. Not that big of a deal to us, right? But, for your kids, their ability to draw conclusions and make inferences at an early age is a great indication that they’ll be ahead of the intellectual curve as they grow older.

According to the experts at What To Expect When You’re Expecting, being able to make connections or predict actions is a sign of high intelligence. So, consider testing your kids, and helping them to draw conclusions to further stimulate their little, developing minds.

4. They like spending time with older crowds

If your kids have a innate preference, or find it easy to hang out with older crowds, experts claim they’ll be likely to grow up more intelligent.British Mensa’s gifted child consultant, Lyn Kendall, told the BBC, “gifted children often prefer the company of older children or adults.” Kids who prefer older crowds aren’t just being stimulated from a maturity standpoint, either; they’re learning more from these older crowds which helps expedite their cognitive development.

5. Language skills

Children who display the ability to hold a conversation early in their development are far more likely to grow up smarter than average. According to the Davidson Institute, an education foundation for advanced children, “early and prolific use of language is typical in profoundly gifted children.”

You may think your kids are just being chatty, but when they talk early and often, it’s a great sign that they’re trying to express their thoughts, and develop their minds at a faster rate!

6. Sleep doesn’t come easily

This one may sound like a detriment more than a blessing…and to some extent it is. What we mean to say is that if your kid shows trouble getting sleep without a little bit of practice, it may be good (while simultaneously alarming). Here’s the good news regarding their trouble sleeping: Dr. Ruf told The Huffington Post that “gifted children are usually poor sleepers because their brain is so stimulated it’s difficult to fall asleep.”

7. Strong character, bold personality

your kid is smarter than average

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Everybody enjoys the company of someone with bright, bold personality. I mean, you rarely read about difference makers in history who were considered weak or uninteresting, right?

Lyn Kendall of Mensa told the BBC that a “developed sense of humor and social skills are signs your child is gifted.” That means if your kids personality brightens up a room, and is relatively strong, they could grow up to be more special than others.

8. They display their emotions more than usual

Everyone cries, laughs, pouts, etc. If your kids wear their emotions out in the open, that may not be such a a bad thing. Dr. David Palmer, an educational psychologist, told Psychology Today that “gifted children are more emotionally intense than others, more sensitive to others’ feelings, and display a great deal of empathy.”

So, if your kids come off as emotionally sensitive at times, just remember that it’s paramount to their cognitive development, and not just to their emotional development.

9. They’re big balls of energy

Admittedly, you’d be hard pressed to come across a kid who isn’t a big ball of energy, but experts believe that if your kid is fidgety (for example, they move a lot or they shake) they’re more gifted than most.

Dr. Hillary Hettinger Steiner and Dr. Martha Carr told Very Well that “a need for mental and physical stimulation is a sign of intelligence.”

If your baby was always looking to switch positions, fidget, or just move in general, there’s a good chance you’ve got a very special little baby!

10. They find interest (and proficiency) in hobbies

your kid is smarter than average

This may seem like the most obvious, but if your kids display interests in hobbies early on, it’s a clear indication of great things to come. Especially if they’re talented in their respective hobbies!

According to the Baby Center, “your preschooler may be gifted if they have a specific talent, like artistic ability or an ease with numbers.”

11. They love reading!

Close your eyes. Think of the term “bookworm”.  What came to mind? Someone intellectual? I think so.

If your children show an early interest and proficiency in reading, then expect them to be a gifted a child New York Parenting reports that gifted children often show an interest in reading before they’re in school, are voracious readers, and even read for fun.


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