10 things you should avoid saying to hubby...

10 things you should avoid saying to hubby...

Take a look at some of the most common phrases wives say, that could upset their husbands. Hubbies, these are also things that you should avoid saying to your wives!

"Change your shirt"

You may be hurting your husbands feelings by telling him he can't dress well. Instead of boldly suggesting he change his shirt, you could tell him that you prefer a different shirt, but it's completely up to him!

"Just leave it, I'll do it myself"

Your husband may not be able to load the dishwasher the exact same way you do, but it doesn't mean he's not helping. By dismissing him you will make him feel like he doesn't matter and isn't of any help. So allow him to do whatever he does, his way.

"I don't know, you decide"

When deciding where to eat, what movie to watch or what channel to switch to, it's easy to just pass the decision-making over to your spouse. This can annoy your spouse, because it is meant to be a mutual decision. So instead, try to simply agree on one thing together.

"I should have never married you"

When having an argument, it is easy for such a phrase to slip out. However, this could lead to a much deeper argument. This statement could hurt your husband greatly, even though you didn't mean it.

"Watch the kids tonight, but don't do this..."

Instructing your husband when it comes to your kids can tick him off. Your husband is as much of a parent as you are, and your instructions will make him feel insignificant. So try not to give him instructions, and try not to check on him every five minutes. Chances are, all will go well.

"You never..."

Generalizing what your husband "never" does will make him feel useless and like a failure. If you have issues with something your husband consistently fails to do, it's better to sit down and talk to your husband rather than yell at him.

"I don't want to go out with your friends"

It is normal for wives to not always like their husband's friends, but it is your job to make an effort. It may be a boring night for you, but for him it would mean a lot if you just tried to socialize with his friends.

"When are you going to get a job?"

Getting a job is a tough process, and your support is highly needed. Instead of badgering him and asking why he hasn't found a job yet, you should talk to your husband about it in a calm manner and try to help him rather than annoy him.

"I'm fat"

Your husband could get annoyed if you're always complaining about your weight to him. At some point, he will stop responding to your cry for compliments.

"I'm fine"

When something is wrong, and your husband is trying to talk to you about it, that is the time to open up to him. Lying and telling him that everything is ok, will just irritate him and possibly make him regret trying to help you.


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