Trying To Conceive? Try This Sea Cucumber And Huai Shan Congee Recipe

Trying To Conceive? Try This Sea Cucumber And Huai Shan Congee Recipe

This Sea Cucumber Congee with Huai Shan recipe helps to improve fertility and is a good supplement for expectant mothers.

Sea cucumber recipe

Sea cucumber recipe

If you are trying to conceive or bear a son for your family, then this is one dish you should try.

Huai Shan, also known as Dried Chinese Yam, can help promote muscle growth and to counter diarrhea, coughing and dehydration.

Also, traditionally, lotus seeds (蓮子) are associated with the continuation of succession in the family, as the Chinese words mean “continuous sons”.

You can get most of these ingredients from your local supermarket and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stores.

Sea cucumber recipe – What you need:

Huai Shan courtesy of

30g Huai Shan (Dried Chinese Yam)

30g dried sea cucumber

20g lotus seeds

60g long-grain rice

Sea cucumber recipe – Seasoning:

Rock sugar

Sea cucumber recipe – What You Do:

1) Rinse rice, Huai Shan and lotus seeds.

2) Add water and cook until the rice is mushy

3) Soak dried sea cucumber in water until soft

4) Cut it open and discard the entrails. Rinse well and slice. Cook until done

5) Put the sliced sea cucumber into the congee from step (1)

6) Cook briefly and season with rock sugar. Serve.

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Sandra Ong

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