Vivian Lai Gives Birth

Written by Sandra Ong

Vivian Lai gave birth to a baby girl last Wednesday at 9 AM at Thomson Medical Centre.

Image still from her Lion Corporation TVC

Vivian Lai ,33, gave birth to a baby girl last Wednesday at 9.40 AM at Thomson Medical Centre. Vivian had to undergo a caesarean delivery due to the breech position her daughter, Ariel, was in. In an interview with,

the Taiwanese born, Singapore based starlet remarked that she “still prefer(s) natural childbirth because I really enjoy this entire process.”

Ariel, the second child for the Lai-Ong family weighed in at a healthy 2.9 KG. Despite the complications, both Vivian and Ariel are keeping well.

She was accompanied by husband Alan Ong, their four-year-old daughter Vera, colleagues Pan Ling Ling, Jing Yin Ji and actor, Mark Lee’s wife.

For the next three months, the petite actress who put on a mere 8kg during her entire course of pregnancy hopes to spend time with her baby, lose the pregnancy weight and go back to work.

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