10 things never to say to a pregnant mum

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Being pregnant is stressful enough. Here are 10 things a pregnant woman should never have to hear!

Truth be told, while you’re expecting, you may come across (overly) well-meaning folks who may blurb inappropriate comments in your face. It’s pretty normal, yet can make some of us cringe or cry. Here are some of the worst things we’ve heard being said to pregnant mums. Be sure you never make such boo-boos!

#1: “Wah, you put on a lot of weight already hor? How heavy are you now?”

Now now… weight has always been one of the most sensitive topics for women, and now you’re asking a pregnant lady about her weight and size? Good luck.

#2: “Congratulations on your pregnancy! Are you happy?”

Errr… what kind of answer are they expecting? Perhaps, you should respond with a sob story. “No, I am miserable. My life is at a dead end because I’m going to be a mother. It’s the end to all my travel plans, I will never be able to wear designer clothes again without worrying it’s going to be messed up, I will have to give up my study room for the child…”

#3: “Do you want a boy or a girl?”

You mean we can choose ah?

#4: “Your nose looks bigger – I’m sure you’ve having a boy.”

Thank you for insulting my looks when I’m already feeling like a bloated cow and having a hard time dealing with these unsightly rashes!

#5: “Oh, it’s a girl? Are you going to try for a boy next?”

What does it matter to you whether I have a boy or a girl? And yes, I can totally choose the gender of my child, Einstein.

Ridiculous comments so far, aren’t they? Read on to find out what else you should never say to pregnant mums. One of them may even involve your employer!

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