Win premiere tickets to What To Expect When You Are Expecting!

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Catch “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” before anyone else sees it in a special preview screening! We have tickets to give you thanks to Golden Village Pictures.

Win premiere tickets to What To Expect When You Are Expecting!

What to Expect When You Are Expecting, an adaptation of the best-selling, most beloved pregnancy book in the world– is a wildly original romantic comedy that follows the relationship of four couples as they experience the excitement, trepidation, humor, and heartburn of preparing to embark on life’s biggest journey: parenthood.

Billed in the vein of Love Actually and Valentine’s Day, the impressive ensemble cast includes Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Matthew Morrison, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Anna Kendrick, Brooklyn Decker, Rob Huebel and Chris Rock.

What to Expect® When You’re Expecting was named one of the 25 most influential books of the last 25 years by USA Today.  Read by 93% of expectant mothers and considered the pregnancy bible, it has sold over 20 million copies worldwide.  It has been translated into over 40 languages and is the second longest running book on the New York Times bestseller list.

Why watch this movie?

Besides the obvious reason that it’s jam-packed with A-listers—it’s also a “revealing” yet “brutally honest” look at what every parent-to-be should know when they are about to bring kids into the world. You will not be ill-prepared when it hits you…

Win premiere tickets to What To Expect When You Are Expecting!

How to win

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Submit your answer in the Facebook comment box by May 7 at 11.59 pm and we will announce the winners on May 8. The preview screening will be on the evening of May 10. More details will be given to the winners.



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