Help! How do I get rid of the dark skin around my genital area after pregnancy?

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Learn everything about hyperpigmentation — the why, what and how of this skin condition after giving birth.

How do I whiten my genital area after pregnancy? Many mums have wondered about this.

If you're one of them, then you know that skin darkening during pregnancy is every new mother’s nightmare. This can be the most frustrating thing. After nine months of so many changes in your body that you have to face – and sometimes just accept – you are left with yet another battle scar, worse even.

You look “down there” and discover melasma or chloasma has taken over your genital area! Disgusting, yes. But is it temporary, or will it be there for the rest of your life?

This aesthetically dismal skin problem is called melasma. According to Dr. Katrina Canlas-Estrella, dermatologist at Makati Medical Center in the Philippines, it is fairly common for women to develop melasma gravidarium or chloasma during pregnancy because of the increased production of hormones that results in increased pigmentation.

Some women notice blotchy spots start to appear around their upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. Still others find the skin in their underarm, neck, nipples, genitals and other sensitive parts becoming darker.

In an article about melasma in The American Academy of Dermatology, it is explained that these pigmented areas usually go back to normal a few months after pregnancy. However, for women with naturally darker skin and hair, it may take a bit longer — or it may never completely go back to the original skin colour before pregnancy.

Some researches say this condition is hereditary, some say it is affected by depression during pregnancy, others say your diet is a big factor, too. Exposure to sun makes it worse. And it gets even more pronounced as you get pregnant for the second, third, or fourth time. Blame it on the hormones, doctors say. The condition is unique for every individual, but is triggered by all of the above.

How do I whiten my genital area after pregnancy? There is no way to prevent it, but you can address it by being proactive

src=https://ph content/uploads/sites/11/2018/06/vagina facts feat.jpg Help! How do I get rid of the dark skin around my genital area after pregnancy?

Getting Your V’s Glory Back

Many women do not really see it as a problem, but there are those who want to get rid of this unsightly skin darkening, especially when they are fair all over — and they have been used to having the skin in their crotch and vaginal area the same as their whole body.

It shouldn't be a very big problem, beauty and skin consultant Jasmin Bolaño advises. In this day and age, there is a variety of solutions, natural, cosmetic, and medical, for this skin problem.

Natural Home Remedies to Lighten Genitals After Pregnancy

(Note: These remedies apply only to the groin and inner thighs, not inside the vagina.)

There are things around the house (or in the grocery) to help your melasma. All these natural ingredients can be applied daily, even twice a day (after shower or bath). Leave the mixtures on affected areas for about 20 to 30 minutes before washing it off with mild, non-acidic soap and water.

Lime Juice

Lime juice is known to be highly effective because of its natural bleaching agents. Squeeze the juice of half a lime on yogurt and apply the natural “paste” on your vaginal area. You can also mix turmeric powder and lime juice, for the same results. Yogurt contains good bacteria cultures that are good for the skin. Lemon can be used in place of lime, too.


Papaya soaps have gained popularity over the years. It is indeed good for your skin, as it helps break down dead cells and rejuvenate your skin. Mix 2 tbsp Papaya, 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp aloe pulp, then apply on pigmented skin. Some actually just apply papaya pulp over the darkened spots once or twice a day.

No papaya? Use avocado. You will achieve the same results.

Aloe Gel

Aloe gel is known to help to lighten dark spots. Make it a regimen, just like applying body lotion, but only on the darkened spots.

Other Homemade Whitening Mixtures and Remedies

Mix tomato or cucumber juice with milk and splash it on your darkened spots.

Almonds and honey make a good natural whitening combo, too.

Cut a potato in half or quarters and rub it on your darkened skin. Try grating it too, then squeeze some juice on the affected area, and you will see the results after a few weeks of daily application.

Baking soda paste (made with a little bit of water) with a few drops of lemon juice works like magic, too.

Even something as basic as water can be beneficial. Drinking plenty of water helps remove toxins from your body. So don’t forget to hydrate, especially during pregnancy and while nursing.

Breastfeeding actually helps keep your skin glowing. This is scientifically proven! So keep feeding naturally, and you will have that natural glow, inside and out.

What are other home remedies to lighten genitals after pregnancy?


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