2 fail-safe ways to get your sweet baby to sleep in a flash

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Are you finding it a bit hard to get your precious bundle of joy to fall asleep and stay asleep? If "yes", then you must read this article!

white noise, swaddling, gro-hush, gro-snug, baby sleep

Sleep can sometimes be elusive when you have a newborn in the house!

A new baby means the start of a whole new chapter in your life. There are so many baby-related routines for a mum to get used to, such as feeding, bathing, soothing, and of course, perhaps the trickiest of them all – getting your baby to sleep!

Getting baby smoothly to the land of nod is one topic that literally has mums losing sleep over, and can in fact be quite confusing to get your head around. Should you rock, pat, or sing your baby to sleep? How can you ensure a calm period of uninterrupted sleep? And how do you ensure your baby’s safety while sleeping?

We share two very clever (and safe) ways of getting your baby to sleep in this article — white noise and swaddling.

white noise, swaddling, gro-hush, gro-snug, baby sleep

When in your womb, your baby is exposed to a wide variety of noises, such as your heartbeat and your voice.

Can noise be soothing?

We like to think that babies need a very quiet sleep environment in order to drift off. But just consider this: your baby was constantly exposed to noise while in utero. The beating of your heart, the whooshing of your digestive system and the sound of your voice were just a few of the sounds he was constantly exposed to.

All these noises helped soothe your baby even before he was born. So it makes sense that completely blocking out sound during your baby’s bedtime might not be productive in getting him to sleep.

This is not to say that a marching band should be playing in your baby’s bedroom during sleep time. But certain noises — known as white noise — can certainly help him drift off to sleep.

Find out the ways in which white noise can soothe your baby. Click on next!

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