The Little Skool House: Where life goes beyond books

The Little Skool House: Where life goes beyond books

The Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd was established in 1994 to cater to an increased demand for quality, accessible preschool learning. The organisation has since grown to incorporate several centres located at choice locations across Singapore, with hordes of young toddlers and children – armed with big ambitions – passing through their doors.

As a leading provider of premium preschool education, The Little Skool-House thrives on the sustained joy of youthfulness. With 19 wholly-owned centres in Singapore, more than 2000 children under their watchful care, a continually expanding overseas presence in emerging markets such as China and Australia, and 17 years of meticulously cultivated experience grooming champions of tomorrow, The Little Skool-House is a place where children are prepared for life.

Equipped with an exemplary educational track record and commitment towards delivering a memorable childhood education, The Little Skool-House has grown to become the preferred partner of government ministries, tertiary institutions, hospitals and private corporations.

The Building Blocks of Success

To build dreams, one must first possess the tools to shape them. At The Little Skool-House, the distinctive curriculum comprises a set of methodically formulated programmes revolving around literature, projects and holistic enhancement; these allow children to advance in their physical, socio-emotional, linguistic and cognitive development.

Young kids respond best to visually stimulating materials. To capture the imagination of children, there is The Steps Programme – a bilingual core programme based on quality literature such as stories, rhymes, poems, and other assorted written media – to fully flesh out the education essence of literature. Additionally, the ‘6 Subject Domains’ (Circle of Friends, Curious Works, Lit Attack, Math Mind, Kidzercise and Kids Create), in line with the Singapore Ministry of Education’s kindergarten framework, bolsters kids’ contemporary knowledge, allowing them to keep up with the times.

In conjunction with The Steps Programme, The Builders Programme opens children to exploration and self-discovery by allowing them to embark on interest-led discussions and investigations. Together with their teachers, they research and organise information to help them have a better understanding of their immediate environment, as well as boost their critical thinking skills.

With The StepsPlus Programme, a comprehensive suite of enrichment programmes allows children to take their extra-curricular interests that bit further with qualified specialist teachers; learning through play ensures their sustained interest in the world beyond.

Recognition on a Global Scale

Little Skool-HouseWith their industrious commitment towards preparing children for life, The Little Skool-House has unsurprisingly received several international plaudits in the field of early childhood education.

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is one of the foremost professional development associations in the early childhood field, and had previously invited The Little Skool-House to the 2008 NAEYC Conference in Dallas, during which the children-inspired Builders Programme project of “Chop Chilli Chop” was presented.

Also, in 2010, The Little Skool-House was once again honoured to present another Builders Programme project– “Technogration” – in front of an international audience at the NAEYC Conference in Anaheim, California.

Moreover, other child-led projects, such as “Do Bananas Have Juice?” and “Art Carousel” were unveiled at the 2010 Early Childhood Australia Conference in Adelaide, South Australia.

In 2011, The Little Skool-House once again demonstrated their growing credentials, being amongst the first batch of preschool centres awarded the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK) certificate – testament to their consistently-high quality in the seven aspects of leadership, planning and administration, staff management, resources, curriculum, pedagogy and health, as well as hygiene and safety.

Having attained widespread acclamation, The Little Skool-House will undoubtedly be spurred on to greater heights come 2012, with several new centres already in the pipeline.



The Performing Edge

Little Skool-HouseNever content to rest on their laurels, The Little Skool-House has recently concluded expansions to their existing chain of childcare centres with additions at Pandan Gardens, Arena Country Club and River Valley, thereby increasing public accessibility to an exceptional preschool education.

Incorporated as part of the core curriculum to develop necessary life skills, an enhanced programme emphasising theatre and performing arts is available at the Arena Country Club and River Valley centres to boost the enrichment quotient of pre-schoolers’ education.

These aim to introduce young children to the importance of an arts education, bearing in mind the dynamic context of modern living. Speech & Drama has been proven by leading theorists to enhance creativity and confidence – desirable traits that breed wonderful dreams.

Taught by a host of highly-qualified trainers who currently hone their craft in the arts scene, the lessons will inspire children to have priceless fun whilst singing, acting, dancing and creating!


To illustrate how The Little Skool-House has brought joy to the lives of young ones, several parents have come forth to offer their kind compliments.

The parents of Aw Le Xuan of the toddlers class at Pandan Gardens professes: “The Little Skool-House At-Pandan-Gardens is a nice and bright space conducive for learning. The genuine care and effort of the staff in caring for Le Xuan have allowed her to enjoy school and make new friends with ease, all while learning new words and songs. Thumbs up!”

Adam Tan’s parents enthuse: “We enrolled Adam at The Little Skool-House At-Pandan-Gardens and are extremely pleased that he is settling in well and enjoying himself in school. The friendly and caring teachers have been a hallmark of The Little Skool-House, and Adam’s older siblings still have fond memories of their time at The Little Skool-House twelve years ago.”

In addition, many other parents have expressed their delight at the transformation their children have undergone at The Little Skool-House while being prepared for a colourful life ahead.

Preparing Your Child for Life

The Little Skool-House understands how education is very much a prized asset in today’s cosmopolitan landscape. They also recognise that an education devoid of pleasure will never be sustainable in the long-run. Nobody can predict the future, but at The Little Skool-House, parents can always rest assured that their children are well prepared for life ahead with a smile on their face.

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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