What Your Husband's Favourite Sex Position Says About Him

What Your Husband's Favourite Sex Position Says About Him

What your man does with you in the bedroom is a very telling indicator of his personality. Want to find out more? Check out this guide to what your man’s favourite sex position says about him!

Yes, mummies, you read the title right. Your hubby’s favourite sex position can actually be an indicator of what kind of a man he is!


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It’s a safe and reliable technique which promises to deliver every single time. So what does the missionary position say about your man exactly?
It tells us that your husband is probably someone who likes to play by the rules and stay safe. He doesn’t like to take risks and this could be due to a strong fear of failure as he doesn’t want to disappoint you in bed with another riskier position.

However, this sex position does tell us that your husband is a reliable partner who likes to settle into a routine and doesn’t welcome new changes.

If you are always complaining of your husband’s lack of sense of adventure, you can take some comfort in the fact that since he loves routines and a sense of consistency, he will never get sick of you and go for someone new!

The Doggy

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The doggy style position pretty much hands overall control to the man and the woman is arguably under his mercy. An inclination towards this position tells us that your husband has a very dominant personality.
He is authoritative and is likely the one who wears the pants in the house. He is also probably full of sexual vigour as this is a very tiring position to engage in regularly.

He is also likely to be a bit of a male chauvinist as this position awards little opportunity for affection and reinforces his belief that women should be dominated by men.

However, this sexual position can also point towards great feelings of insecurities which may explain his desire to always dominate you in the bedroom to make up for his sense of inadequacy.

The Cowgirl

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In this position, control is given mostly to the woman. The man can simply lie back and relax while the woman does all the heavy work. If your husband is fond of this position, it could imply several things.

Firstly, your husband could be the submissive partner in the relationship and prefers to let the missus take control.

Secondly, your husband could be the lazy type who wants to get his rewards without putting in any effort.

Thirdly, your husband could be selfish in his sexual desires as he only wants his desires to be satisfied but doesn’t put in any effort to satisfy yours.

Or maybe, your man is just not in a very good physical shape which explains his inclination towards this position as any other position would require too much effort on his part and he is afraid he might not be able to deliver.


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In this position, the couple is lying side by side and the man enters from behind. The action is usually a lot slower but more sensual compared to other positions.

If your husband loves to spoon, then your man is probably a romantic lover at heart. He loves affection and making you feel loved and special is probably his favourite past time.

He is probably planning an awesome surprise for you this coming Valentine’s Day and there will no doubt be lots of candles and flowers involved.

He is confident of his own masculinity and does not feel a need to unleash his inner beast in the bedroom.

Outdoor sex

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Outdoor sex carries with it certain dangers and the biggest danger is the risk of getting caught. If your spouse loves to do it outdoors or in risky situations, then this is certainly one man who doesn’t play it safe.
He has a sense of adventure and is probably a thrill seeker as well and thus the outdoor sex probably gives him an adrenaline rush.

He is probably also a bit of an exhibitionist and might even be secretly hoping someone is admiring his technique.



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