Can ultrasound scans reveal all about your baby?

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Do you wonder how accurate an ultrasound scan is? Read on to find out...

ultrasound scan in singapore

Ultrasound scan in Singapore: Can ultrasound scans reveal everything about your baby?

Many people think that ultrasound scanning is the definitive method that will reveal all you need to know about your baby from his gender to any markers of birth defects.

However, it’s important to know that accuracy of ultrasound scanning is both an art and a science, and it also involves an element of luck because your baby needs to be ideally positioned for the clearest shots.

Ultrasound scans can be wrong about: Multiples

Something you might not know is that ultrasound scanning can often get it wrong about how many babies you’re having! Many technicians miss seeing twins at early ultrasounds as one foetus is blocking the other one from view. As for triplets, there’ve been cases where the third baby was not detected at all until delivery!

Ultrasound scans can be wrong about: Your baby’s gender

ultrasound scan in singapore

Ultrasound scan in Singapore: Can ultrasound scans predict your baby’s gender accurately?

An ultrasound is generally a lot more reliable than all the old wives’ tales about predicting gender, but even then it is not foolproof. Your baby can make it difficult by crossing its legs or turning away from view.

Even if your doctor says you’re having a girl, it is possible to be surprised by a bouncing boy! Doctors often make more mistakes when it comes to predicting girls as sometimes they cannot clearly see the reproductive organs. Fewer mistakes are made with boy predictions because the presence of a penis can’t be easily mistaken.

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