Andy Lau to become father to triplets through in vitro fertilisation

Andy Lau to become father to triplets through in vitro fertilisation

It’s confirmed-- Andy Lau and wife are expecting three girls! But this lucky number may prove to be a bit of a difficult one for Carol Chu who’s 46 and pregnant for the first time with triplets.

It’ll be a case of triple prosperity for Hong Kong’s superstar Andy Lau as he and wife Carol Chu have confirmed they are expecting to cradle three little girls---triplets through IVF---in five month’s time.

The Cantopop singer is said to have taken his Malaysian-born wife for a test to determine the gender of their unborn children and it was then that they realised they were going to have three girls.

The recently-turned 50-year-old has already taken the first step of protecting the three Water Dragon babies, by signing on former US Marines as bodyguards for his wife. One can only speculate how things may play out for the couple when the stork comes a-calling.

Reason for alarm?

The most recent celebrity birth, baby Blue Ivy Carter, had proud parents Beyonce and Jay-Z over the moon, as evidenced by the song the proud father composed after the birth. The joy was short-lived though, as other parents within the same hospital were enraged for not being able to see their newborns.

Brooklyn resident Neil Coulson was quoted saying the stress of his wife delivering two premature girls was tripled when Beyonce’s bodyguards repeatedly barred him from the sixth-floor neonatal intensive care unit.The diva and hubby also reportedly spent about US$1.3 million to close off a wing of the Lenox Hill hospital during the singer’s delivery.

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Another high-profile celeb baby birth, of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s grand-daughter, also reached fever-pitch speculation in India especially in the last few weeks  of the pregnancy. The Bachchan family had the entire fifth floor of the Seven Hills Hospital to themselves when daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai was admitted. Police presence was also felt by those covering and waiting to hear news about the birth.

Whether Lau, who has a major fan-base in China,  will follow in the footsteps of big-weights like Jay-Z and the Bachchan’s, is yet to be seen but the focus is now on the supporting his wife through the remaining months of the pregnancy.

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Triple joy

This pregnancy, said to be the result of artificial insemination, comes after months of trying.

He posted his official website that he understands his family and fans are concerned and have been praying for him.

"Thank God for this blessing, for giving one joy after another to me. Now my family has 'happiness,' and I want to share it with my family and fans. Bless us."

Though overcome with the news, Lau seems to be worried about the little ones, as women aged 40 and above face a higher risk of giving birth to children with autism. Pregnant women above 40 also suffer a higher chance of miscarriages.

Reports have come to light that his wife skipped out on celebrating his landmark 50th birthday because the duo were worried the event would have impacted the tripets-to-be.

Things women over 40 are advised to do to safeguard the health of their unborn child include: ensuring they take enough folic acid, limit caffeine intake, maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly and don’t drink or smoke.

Needless to say, Lau will probably go all out to make sure that his girls are looked after in the remaining months and are as safe as possible when the time comes.

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Source: Yahoo SG

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