Top 3 cartoons you don’t have to feel guilty about letting your kids watch

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If you're a parent who's feeling a little guilty for letting your kid watch TV while you catch your breath, here are the top three children's cartoons that have been highly recommended by experts that will actually teach your little one some positive lessons

Remember the time before you had kids but you vowed that when you do some day you would never ever let them watch TV or use a mobile device?

Well, now that you’re a parent who is busy juggling your fast-paced job, the endless list of household chores to complete, frantic last minute errands to run, and of course taking care of your little one, some of you might sheepishly admit you might have spoken too soon (it’s ok, we did too!).

Letting your child watch a few cartoons probably sounds pretty tempting especially when you’re on the verge of a mummy meltdown, or just need a few minutes to make a quick phone call, fix a snack, or just breathe!

Don’t feel guilty if you do though, because researchers have now given the green light for kids to have to a healthy amount of screen time.

But just be careful about what exactly they are exposed to because some cartoons might actually end up teaching your children bad habits.

If you’re wondering what exactly you can let your kids view without worrying about unsavoury content, we’ve found the top three children’s cartoons that are highly recommended by experts and approved by other parents which you can let your little one watch while you enjoy your hot cup coffee in peace!

1. Doc McStuffins

What the show is about: Doc McStuffins is a sweet little 6-year-old African-American girl who plays doctor to a lovable motley crew of toys and stuffed animals.

Her mother is a busy real-life doctor who still makes time for her family, and her father is a Stay At Home Dad who can be seen doing the laundry, cooking meals, or tending to other household chores.

The various toys and dolls that Doc helps to diagnose and fix up also come in all sorts of shapes, colours/ skin tones and sizes, each with their own wonderful background story and unique personality.

What the experts say: Dr Myiesha Taylor, who is the President and Co-Founder of the Artemis Medical Society and an emergency medicine physician in the USA agrees that this popular Disney Channel cartoon helps to push boundaries and encourage little girls and also people of colour to have the courage to pursue a career in the medical field.

Dustin Harp, a professor of journalism at the University of Texas, says, “It’s really encouraging to see [Doc McStuffins’] representation in children’s programming, and it will make a difference to children growing up watching. I believe you can’t be what you can’t see. It’s also quite wonderful to see these girl characters in more than supportive character roles and doing more than waiting for their Prince Charming.”

This cartoon has even been approved by USA’s former first lady, Michelle Obama, who made a special appearance on one of the episodes!

What your kids will learn: Doc is a positive role model for little girls and even boys as they learn to develop a gender-balanced view of the world around them.

This animated series also touches on friendship, teaches good manners, encourages good health and hygiene, and promotes racial diversity.

What Singaporean parents say: “Even though we are Malay and not African-American, my daughter loves seeing a cartoon character on TV whose skin colour is similar to hers. She even insisted on dressing up like Doc McStuffins for her friend’s costume party last year.” (Linda R., mother of four)

“Finally, a good role model for my daughter to look up to besides all those dainty princesses. I like Doc McStuffins because she is a helpful and kind girl who is also nice to her younger brother. I think there are a lot of great messages to be learned in this show.” (Amy L., mother of two)

What are the other two children’s cartoons highly recommended by experts? Keep on reading to find out!

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