Top 3 tips to make the most of your child’s screen time

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[Advertorial] Getting your child engaged with quality content they can learn from during screen time is easy. Read on to find out how. Sponsored by CBeebies Asia

There’s no denying it; screen time is an inherent part of the technology led lives that we lead. As parents, we try to limit our children’s access to the screen, but between the respite it provides during time squeezes, its breadth and ease of entertainment options, and simply your child’s fondness for it – the gadget has its moments.

This makes the quality of what our children watch of utmost importance. Safe, age appropriate, and high standard programming is primary for the limited screen time we grant our kids. When used in moderation, technology can often be a valuable tool to support development as well as make for some fun bonding time - family movies with popcorn anyone?

Learning through play in the digital age

CBeebies is a pre-school channel for children aged six years and under. CBeebies provides a range of pre-school programming designed to encourage learning through play in a consistently safe environment. The international CBeebies channel is commercial-free.

Offering quality entertainment options; online, on-the-go and off the screen, it is a great option for parents looking to use screen time sparingly.

Screen time is an inherent part of the technology led lives that we lead

Looking to make the most of your child’s time on the TV or tablet? Here are 3 ways to keep little ones engaged, yet ensuring that they learn while they watch.

1. Choose the right programmes

Always go for trustworthy sources that provide high quality, age-appropriate content. Many programmes are designed for the very young and are created in close consultation with early years experts. Here are some tips from Common Sense Media on choosing shows for preschoolers:

Choose programmes with short episodes/segments. The key to TV viewing, as in most things, is moderation. You don't want to train your child to zone out in front of the TV for hours at a time, so look for shows that have short episodes, or at least short segments.

Choose programmes that you and your child both enjoy. Your child gets a lot more from their TV time when you watch with them, and choosing shows that you actually find enjoyable can make this much easier.

Choose programmes that are appropriate for your child's schedule. You'd want to let your child watch quiet and relaxing shows before bed so they don't get too hyped up. Save the exciting and action-packed shows for other times of the day.

Choose programmes your child can learn from. This may seem obvious, but if we're not intentional about the way our children watch TV, then they could end up consuming media that adds nothing to their imagination and intellect. Look for shows that not only teach your kids about math, science, and language, but also shows that promote good values.

Young kids learn best from programmes that have plenty of repetition, encourage kids to mimic actions, and offer opportunities to respond.

CBeebies is an advertising-free and safe TV channel that has plenty of age-appropriate quality content that kids and parents can enjoy together.

  • The Numtums, for instance, helps little ones work with numbers and offer a range of math games and fun songs to keep kids interested.
  • Go Jetters helps children understand the basics of geography in a fun and exploratory way, develop a sense of location and place, think about team-work and problem solving.


Go Jetters helps children understand the basics of geography

Our personal favourite ‘Hey Duggee’ takes children on an adventure with the friendly dog Duggee and his friends, earning badges for their accomplishments. It’s fun, quality entertainment with the assurance of a brand that parents can trust.

2. Use apps while on the move

Long flight ahead with your toddler? Travelling with young kids can be quite an ordeal, which is why gadgets become every parent's best friend on long trips. Every parent knows how many backseat squabbles can be prevented by simply keeping the kids happy and entertained, and gadgets are pretty effective when it comes to fighting boredom.

With apps, games, and downloaded videos on a tablet or phone, your kids will be happy and content, giving you enough peace and quiet to look out the window and enjoy the view – or even lean back and catch a few z's!

Kids can watch shows, sing along to their favourite tracks, or simply play games using family-friendly apps. We like the BBC Player app (available on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices) as it offers CBeebies content that can be watched while on-the-go and comes with a travel-friendly download function so your kid can watch without an internet connection.

Read on for tip number 3 and scores of ideas on how to keep your little one engaged!

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