Toddler’s death gives new life to sick baby girl

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This bittersweet story is bound to make you shed a tear or two...

The death of a child is always tragic and something no parent should ever have to experience. Similarly heartbreaking is serious illness in a child.

But unfortunately, many little lives are often lost each year and other little ones are left grasping on to fragile life lines due to sickness, leaving their mums and dads devastated.

Here is a story that involves both death and serious illness in relation to two young children — one aged two and the other just one. However, this story has a bittersweet ending that gives all parents hope.

Choking death

Just last December, Jamie Heard’s little boy William died after choking on a piece of chicken. The two-year-old had been with his nanny when he started choking.

Even though he was rushed to hospital where they managed to get the piece of chicken out, he died two days after being on life support, according to Yahoo News.

His mother said, “He was just the greatest kid. He was 100 percent ‘boy’ all the time, but he had such a sweet demeanor. He loved to love. It’s quiet in our house now. He just filled the room with a such a joy that’s making it difficult to be at home.”

After he died, Heard and her husband Daniel were given the option of donating their little boy’s organs.

“We felt so good about it and we thought it was an answered prayer that we were able to give a gift from our tragedy and able to help someone else,” she reportedly said. “His liver, kidneys and heart were all matched.”

Who did little William’s heart go to? Keep reading on the next page. 

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