Toddler falling from four-storey flat prompts home safety warning for parents

Toddler falling from four-storey flat prompts home safety warning for parents

It’s unfortunate that such cases could have been prevented, and our hearts go out to the family, but what are the precautions all parents should take to avoid this from ever happening to them?

We at theAsianparent were distraught when we received news that a 3-year-old fell from a 4th-storey window on Wednesday (20 January) at Serangoon North.

This once again highlights the danger of leaving your child alone at home and not outfitting your windows with grilles.

It was reported that her grandmother took a brief jaunt out to go to the shops. The child was spotted by eye witness who is identified only as Mr Chua stated that, "I saw a girl lying motionless on the ground and immediately touched her arm to see if she was alive".

Mr Chua sent passers-by to a nearby clinic for help. The general practitioner there rushed over and examined the girl, giving her an oxygen mask.

The girl was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital where she spent the night in the intensive care unit.

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred in Singapore.

What are the precautions all parents should take?

#1 Install grilles on your windows.
They prevent your child from falling through an open window. Remember to lock them up if ever opened.

#2 Keep the area around windows clear of any large objects that can be climbable.
A child's curiosity and penchant to climb things means that such things can be used as ladders to reach otherwise unreachable open windows.

#3 Keep an eye out for objects that when thrown, can break windows.
Objects include marbles or his pet rock.

#4 Lock the windows when you are not around.
Make it a habit- leave a note at the place where you keep your keys so you will be reminded about it whenever you head out.

#5 Teach your child about the dangers of windows and know to keep away from them.
Explain to them why such a thing is dangerous instead of just telling them not to do it. If your child is old enough to understand simple instructions, you should make it a firm rule that he’s not allowed to open the window, or climb up the window at all times. Explain the dangers of what can happen if they do so and if it helps, find educational videos online to teach them about this as well.

#6 Never leave your child alone in the house.
Do not leave anything to chance. Experts warn against leaving your young child home alone even for a short period of time because as Dr Carol Balhetchet, Senior Director for youth services at the Singapore Children’s Society explains, “Within seconds, a three-year-old can do all sorts of things as they see the world with curiosity”.

Parents, please take note of these crucial safety precautions around the house.


We wish for the swift recovery of the child and hope that such an occurrence will not happen again.What other precautions do you think parents should take to keep their little ones safe at home?


News Source: The Straits Times

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Pavin Chopra

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