Toddler Development: Your 20-month-old

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It's time to break out the paint! Your toddler's creativity and imaginations are blooming. You are his guide in this stage of toddler development of his exciting and sometimes scary journey.

Stairs pose no threat to your little walker! Up and up he goes, and with a little help, he can get safely down again as well. It seems your little one is in a hurry and he much prefers running to walking these days. If he’s a dancer, you might even catch him skipping! 

Standing on one foot is an important step in physical toddler development. See if your little one can do it if you hold his hand. Balancing on his own is still hard enough on two feet, let alone one!

In fine motor development your tiny tot should be able to draw lines. Not straight and clean ones, but a big bunch together. That is, if you manage to sit him still long enough!

He does love making shapes though, and paint, especially finger paint, is great to practice his coordination. Since children love to paint themselves even more, you could either give him a bib – or just take his clothes off! For an even easier clean up, try letting your tiny tot paint in the bathroom or on the balcony.

Cognitive Development of a 20 month old

Your little one’s brain is constantly buzzing, learning new things and exploring his surroundings. As his imagination is blooming, you might notice he gets more fearful. As he is able to imagine things that are not right in front of him, he is also able to think of scary stuff.

Take his fears seriously. He does not yet know how to differentiate between what is real and what is imaginary. He relies on you to help him make sense of his thoughts and fears. Let him know that he can always come to you and be safe in your loving arms.

His attention span is still very short, so even if he is very afraid, you can usually distract him after a quick cuddle.

Your toddler loves to muck about with sand, water, leaves and mud. It’s time to designate play clothes! Put him in these clothes when you know you’ll be going out and he’ll get dirty, so you won’t worry too much. He also adores water play, so keep a stack of plastic bowls and boxes in the bathroom for him to play with.

Continue reading to learn more about toddler development at 20 months. Next up is Social and Emotional Development. Find out about managing the onset of toddler tantrums!

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