The no exercise, no crash diet, non-surgical way to shed excess weight

The no exercise, no crash diet, non-surgical way to shed excess weight

Established in 2000, London Weight Management has been committed in helping women to lose excess weight through safe & effective methods.

A pioneer in Full Body Slimming, London Weight Management has brought new hope to those who have been battling with weight problems most of their lives. To date, more than thousands+ of modern women have experienced promising weight loss results from their breakthrough customised weight loss programmes.

How they do it?

Every weight loss treatment consists of a detailed body fat & weight analysis and a series of slimming treatments to sculpt and redefine one’s womanly figure. These renowned slimming treatments are customised by weight management experts for every customer, according to their particular needs, weight issues and conditions.

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9 of the most common of these weight issues are:

  • Genetic obesity
  • Sagging buttocks
  • Water retention/Toxins
  • Flabby arms
  • Cellulite
  • Bulky “thunder” thighs
  • Bulging tummy
  • Post-natal weight gain
  • Overall weight gain

Introducing London Weight Management’s NEW POWERSLIM™ Treatment

Using cutting-edge slimming technology, this revolutionary treatment requires no crash diet, surgery, injections or pills* to offer safe and effective weight loss and reshaping. You can lose 8-22cm and up to 2kg in just 1 session* without rebound*!

Formulated with lavender and a special blend of botanical ingredients, this innovative body contouring solution eliminates stubborn fat cells on problem areas, thereby increasing cm and kg loss successfully, resulting in a well-sculpted, more defined feminine figure.


It’s no wonder that in just 2016 alone, London Weight Management has been recognised with multiple awards including Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand (GOLD) and Blissful Brides: Editors Choice – Preferred Beauty Wellness Brands.

Committed to helping overweight women reach their ideal weight, the experts at London Weight Management constantly educate customers with knowledge on ways to keep the pounds off, while maintaining their newly found figure for long-lasting results. If you would like to start your weight loss journey with them, head on to to book your one-on-one consultation.


+Based on internal research findings.

*Refers to full-body weight loss. Individual results may vary.

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