The impact of divorce on children

The impact of divorce on children

Find out how a divorce can actually impact a child in the long run.

impact of divorce on children

How does a divorce affect the kids?

It is often said that children are the ones who suffer when their parents get a divorce but just how true is this often quoted statement? What exactly is the impact of divorce on children?

According to a study by the National Health Service (NHS), the impact of divorce on children can be quite significant and some of these effects can be long-term. So what exactly is the impact of divorce on children?

Impact of divorce on children

The study conducted by NHS concluded that a long-term impact of divorce on children can result in them being more aggressive, miserable and feeling unaccomplished. The study also found that a divorce affected all aspects of a child’s life and would influence their later lives as well.

In the study, the researchers asked 1,500 people questions regarding any adverse childhood experiences. The researchers found that divorce was the most significant factor in causing adverse childhood experiences compared to other potential factors like domestic violence or drug addictions.

Professor Mark Bellis, the report’s lead author states, “We were surprised at just how pervasive the effects of early years experiences really are. These results underline the critical importance of a person’s start in life… If we can understand why problems occur, we stand a better chance of preventing them happening in the first place.”

divorce impact on children

Basic foundation

A child’s early life lays the foundation of the rest of the child’s life, and an unstable foundation can cause many future problems as concluded by the researchers. Thus, if a divorce occurs when the child is still young, it will result in an unstable foundation and an undesirable childhood resulting from the trauma of seeing their parents get a divorce.

The childhood days of every individual should be one that is carefree and happy but a divorce will probably negatively affect the child’s early life.

Thus, this reports further emphasises the importance of keeping a marriage healthy so that the children do not have to suffer, since the impact of divorce on children can be long lasting and negative.

5 tips to save your marriage

In order to prevent you or your children from going through the trauma of a divorce, here are 5 general tips to keep a marriage healthy.

1. Communication

Communication has long been heralded as an important factor to a successful marriage. Always try to ensure that your spouse and you communicate with each other in an effective manner.

2. Compromise

Learn to give and take. When two people live together, compromising is inevitable.

3. Sacrifice

Put your marriage first. If you want your marriage to last, sacrifices are inevitable.

4. Appreciate

Do not take each other for granted. Remind your spouse that you still love them through sweet gestures or by showing affection.

5. Respect

Respect one another. Try to encourage each other as much as possible and consider your spouse’s feelings and situation in every action you take.

Sesame Street Divorce Video

If for whatever reason, divorce is the best choice for your family, here is a video that can help your child understand what is happening.


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