Tamarind Tots – Diwali iPad App!

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With Diwali just a few days away, this is the perfect application to be downloading for you kids. Tamarind Tots lets your kids explore the festival of lights!

diwali app for kids

Diwali is just around the corner, folks! Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about Indian culture and their festivities? This app will engage and educate your kids on the ins and outs of Diwali!

Tamarind Tots is proud to present to you Diwali with Tamarind Tots, the app that teaches your kids about the various aspects of Diwali celebrations! Just in time for Diwali too! Other apps by Tamarind Tots teach children about other exciting Indian cultural celebrations such as Holi – the Hindu festival of colours.




Can I download the app if I don’t celebrate Diwali?

The focus of the app isn’t placed so much on the religious aspect of the festival as the creators wanted to make this an exciting learning experience for kids from all races.

With the app you get to dress the tamarind tots, Krish and Niki, in traditional Indian outfits. As you select each article of clothing there is a vocal note of the name of the article of clothing you’ve selected. Vocal notes make learning for children easier, they’re quick to pick up a word after they hear it.

In essence, the application is designed to expose kids to different cultures at a young age. This is especially important in a multi-racial country like Singapore. Acceptance of different races and cultures can be gained through simple things like taking the time to educate children – this app presents an easy way of doing so!

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