How to talk to your angry husband about his temper

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“How do you handle a situation with an angry husband?” The ParentTown community weighs in

All marriages have their share of conflict and flare-ups, but some spouses have especially short tempers. It’s a common problem that affects many of us, including one user of ParentTown, who asked anonymously, “How do you handle a situation with an angry husband?”

Here are some practical tips on how to help your spouse deal with anger issues, straight from the ParentTown community:

Don’t reinforce his temper.

It’s normal to get upset when your spouse blasts off at you, like what Nooraini D. experienced: “It got on my nerves that I was being blamed for the littlest thing that wasn’t even my mistake nor would it have made any difference to anything that would matter.”

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The easy thing to do is to argue, but we suggest waiting it out and discussing things when he’s in a calmer state. “Don’t fuel or encourage his anger by joining in his temper tantrum,” responded Idza B.

“Normally I will just walk away and do my thing,” added Jolin L.R. “If he come to me and throw temper I will say, ‘Talk to me when you are in better mood.’ Or after 1-2 hrs, I will go to him and say, ‘Are you feeling better? Is now a good time to talk?’”

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