Child Eczema: Take control and improve eczema-prone skin with CETAPHIL® RESTORADERM

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Recurrent red, itchy eczema on your child’s skin giving you nightmares? Read on for answers to your problems. Presented by Cetaphil®.

That red inflamed rash on your child, again? The repetitive cycle of itchy, red eczema patches is a nightmare that some mums live through, month after month. Sleepless nights spent helplessly watching your child scratch in discomfort, worrying that the lack of rest might affect school attendance and homework – not to mention the mental stress that comes with seeing your child in pain.

Whether it’s the tropical climate we live in or external allergens around us; parents diligently spend their time and money to look for reasons behind the dreaded eczema rash. Several jars of coconut oil, steroids and alternative therapies later, it all boils down to one solution – learning to manage it!

Get the support you need

From health care practitioners to social media groups, there’s a world of support out there for mums struggling to manage their child’s eczema condition. Don’t feel stressed out as eczema is a common ailment that affects 1 in 5 children and adults alike, resulting in that characteristic dry and itchy rash.

Most doctors frequently prescribe moisturizers besides eczema medication as a means to manage this condition.

“It is important to improve the overall health of your skin, as well as to improve the barrier function of your skin. To improve the barrier function of your skin, use moisturiser frequently and for prolonged periods.” Says Dr Lynn Chiam, Children and Adult Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic, Mt Elizabeth Novena Specialist Medical Centre .

Blame the Filaggrin or lack of

Child Eczema: Take control and improve eczema-prone skin with CETAPHIL® RESTORADERM

Have you like most mums, been on a mission to find out what gives your bubba eczema? Causes can vary from simple food allergens, heat, a stressful environment to more complex elements like genetics.

Research shows that individuals with eczema-prone skin genetically lack a protein called Filaggrin.

Filaggrin is essential for the production of natural moisturising factors (NMF), which are substances that maintain skin hydration and the skin barrier function. So, now you know what to look out for.

Using the right products

Using the right product is half the battle won. While we look for products that provide topical relief to our kids; it is important to address what actually causes it – the lack of Filaggrin, in this case.

Dr Lynn Chiam, Children and Adult Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic agrees “An ideal moisturiser should be clinically proven and formulated for eczema-prone skin – look for those that contain breakdown products of Filaggrin - and ceramide precursors or fatty acids to help restore damaged skin barrier.”

Cetaphil® RESTORADERM – armed with Filaggrin Technology Child Eczema: Take control and improve eczema-prone skin with CETAPHIL® RESTORADERM
The answer to our eczema woes is here. Clinically proven, Cetaphil® RESTORADERM is the first skincare range to contain Filaggrin technology™, and is specifically formulated to meet the needs of eczema-prone skin.

Filaggrin technology™ helps boost the skin’s ability to restore hydration and thus helps repair the skin barrier. The power duo - Cetaphil® RESTORADERM Skin Restoring Body Wash and Skin Restoring Body Moisturizer work together to relieve itch and redness that your child often experiences with his eczema.

Easily available at most retail pharmacies, Cetaphil® RESTORADERM is a scientific way to manage eczema-prone skin and give your child freedom to lead a normal, comfortable life.

You too, can get started on managing your child’s eczema-prone skin with the Cetaphil® RESTORADERM range! For more information visit

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