Our Contributors 

This is a non-judgmental and positive space where parents such as yourself can share your personal journey and milestones. This way you not only interact directly with our 35 million+ strong parenting community, but also become an integral part of someone else’s parenting journey.

We encourage you to share your stories with the goal of helping other parents. An article, an image, or a video can help fellow parents become knowledgeable enough to practice positive parenting with their children and hold meaningful conversations within their relationships. As a contributor, you could also highlight your own parenting ideals and engage in topics that most people wouldn’t normally discuss openly.  

You can also share a short bio (approximately 60 words) along with your submission. This allows us to publish your article along with your name and photograph. 

Our Audience

Our target audience consists of aspirational Asian parents and our primary goal is to help such mums and dads raise healthy, happy, and confident children through every stage of their parenting journey by providing the following: accurate, comprehensive, relevant content; a non-judgmental support network; and top quality products designed to cater to their needs.

We are the #1 parenting community in Southeast Asia and we would love for you to join us on our mission to help 50 million families have healthy pregnancies and raise happy, healthy, and confident children.

Our Writing Guidelines

At theAsianparent we encourage our contributors and aspiring writers to write with a voice or style that matches their topic. As a contributor, you may use serious, point-based, or even a relaxed tone. But please bear in mind to keep it professional and respectful so that all theAsianparent parents can enjoy and learn from your experience.

The average length of your post is 3 minutes, roughly 550 words. However, this is not a strict rule. Depending on the chosen topic and the writing style, this 3-minute rule can fluctuate at theAsianparent’s discretion. Shorter submissions of 1 to 2 minutes are also acceptable if it matches the topic (e.g. labour story, marriage incident and advice, etc.).

Kindly only submit original content. You can include reference links or works cited as links at the bottom of the submission.

Image Guidelines

We highly encourage you to use images to better communicate your story to today’s digitally-savvy and visually-oriented readership. At minimum, we require one (1) high-quality image to be used for your submission/post. At maximum, only four. If you are unable to find an image, we will select one for you. 

The dimensions for any uploaded image would be: 670×445 or 1:3 ratio, with size less than 500kb.

Please be respectful of copyright laws with respect to visual imagery.

Video Guidelines

You can also submit an original video to go along with your submission/post. There is a facility for you to upload the YouTube URL link. 

Posts may include embedded links to other music or videos as long as they do not violate copyright of the original creators.

Our Publication Terms

We encourage you to go through our publication guidelines. By submitting your post with theAsianparent, you attest to the following:

Your submission/post contains your original work. If certain portions of this post, such as images and/or video, are not your own, you confirm that you have:

  • Obtained expressed written permission from the original creator, and that you will give them their due credit, while sending us a copy of the said written permission. 
  • Alternatively, you can verify the work that is not your own is either in the public domain, distributed under one of the Creative Commons licenses or another similar license, and can provide the appropriate credit and send us proof of this verification.

You agree to grant theAsianparent a non-exclusive, worldwide, infinite, and royalty-free license to use your submitted post for any purpose, including the creation of derivative creative works. This, with no expectation of compensation to you. You retain the copyright ownership of your original work.

You also acknowledge that theAsianparent will consider your submission/post but may or may not publish it. You also agree that theAsianparent editors can edit your submission based on the company’s editorial style guide. This includes editing of the text or addition of a new more suitable imagery, especially if the imagery is not owned by you. 

Unless otherwise agreed upon, you are willing to share your story with the goal to help other parents, but do not have any expectations of receiving compensation. And with the knowledge that you will be properly credited for your original work.