Smart ways to start saving now

Smart ways to start saving now

Saving has never been more important than it is now. Check out why saving is especially important nowadays and find out how you can start saving smartly for the future

Smart ways to start saving now5 reasons to save money : why saving is especially important nowadays

1.   Costs are rising everywhere

Living in Singapore is becoming more and more costly. It was recently announced that public transport fares are going to be raised again. As the standard of living in Singapore rises, the need to save up to prepare your family for the future has never been more important than it is now.

2.   Schools becoming increasingly competitive

Education in Singapore has always been stiff but it seems like it is becoming increasingly competitive every year. The influx of foreign scholars has raised the bar in Singaporean Universities, much to the dismay of local students. Parents must thus consider the possibility that they may have to send their kid to pursue an overseas University education in the future so that they enjoy an edge over their peers.

3.   Expensive to raise kids these days

Gone were the days when children were contented with simply running around the playground. Nowadays, children play with electronic gadgets. Unfortunately these new toys don’t come cheap. So if your kid is still young, be prepared to sacrifice a lot of cash to keep them contented in the near future.

4.   Better to depend on yourself

With costs increasing everywhere, it is unfair to expect your children to be able to earn enough money to support you in your old age. Furthermore, the world is becoming more competitive due to globalisation which means future generations will have a harder time trying to survive in the working world. Furthermore it is wiser to depend on yourself rather than someone else.

5.   The usual reasons

Of course there are all the reasons which you already know. Medical expenses, emergency funds, food, clothes, the list goes on.

Save money now!

As you can see from all the compelling reasons provided, it is imperative to set aside some funds every month. However saving itself is not sufficient. You have to save smartly. By saving smartly, we mean choosing the right savings account. A wise man once said ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Instead of trying to come up with a good savings plan, why not just let the experts do it for you?

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