Smart tips for parents to save up for preschool

Smart tips for parents to save up for preschool

As society becomes increasingly competitive, a quality preschool education is required to ensure your child gets a head start in life.

Why preschool is important

There is an old saying which says “The early bird gets the worm” and this classic adage applies to your child’s education as well. It is little wonder why Singaporean parents are often anxious to find a good preschool for their child as preschool education can reap many benefits for them.

The top 5 reasons why a preschool education is necessary

-Your child’s brain develops at an exponential rate during the first 4 years of their life allowing them to easily absorb information.

A representative from LeapSchoolHouse Pte Ltd said:

“There are honestly some things that a child can pick up from school better than with us, parents alone. The power is in the group dynamics. Peer modelling is a very power learning tool for children of a young age. In order for children to understand the social needs to care, share and communicate as a community and with others, the most powerful and effective way is simply, to place them in situations where they can visualise and appreciate what it means to be part of a group.”

Preschool helps your child to adapt to a schooling system which will prepare them for the rigours of the next stage of their education.

We asked Mr. Lincoln Lin, President and Managing Director of LeapSchoolHouse Pte Ltd. He said “Preschool offers a good opportunity for young children to build up their independence and confidence. Young children thrive on getting things done in a certain fashion not because they are rigid with activities, it’s simply because the familiarity from doing similar things again and again builds confidence in them. That is where the routines established during school time is valuable.”

-Preschool allows your child to develop their social skills by interacting with other children.

-Preschool equips the child with essential skills which will help them meet the demand of kindergarden

-Preschool gives you time to indulge in your personal interests.

Costs of a quality preschool education

Thus it is vital that you choose a good preschool which will be able to deliver all the benefits mentioned above. Elite preschools charge higher fees because they provide your child with activities that are highly beneficial to them. Despite the higher prices, these elite preschools are a worthy investment as they provide your child with many  activities and here are three activities which we have highlighted for you so you know that the money that you are spending is worth every cent.

(i) Parent-assisted classes where research has always correlated more positive attitudes and aptitude towards learning for children whose parents have been engaged in the learning process (with their children) from a young age. Parents can act as reinforcement back home.

(ii) Play Group – encourages participation and formed strong cohesion.

(iii) Skill-specific enrichment lessons e.g. gym, literacy, brain development etc

The annual charges of good preschools such as Eton Preschool typically charges $13,400 – $23,590 annually. The price of such schools is often dependent on the campus location, school session duration and the kid’s age. These preschools often face extremely high demand and parents are often put on waiting lists even if they register months, or even more than a year in advance.

Mrs Ng Gim Choo, founder of Etonhouse Preschool says this: “We have parents register even before their child is born to ensure that he or she has a place and so that they do not have to go through a waiting list.”

Many parents such as Mrs Cheryl Tan don’t realise just how important and highly demanded a preschool education is until its too late. She says, “My friends had already warned me I should have registered earlier, but I thought it was a little absurd. When I didn’t get a place, I thought, serves me right.”

Don’t make the same mistakes as these parents by planning your child’s education early.

Importance of saving

Money saving tips for new parents

Money saving tips for new parents

As you can probably tell by now, a quality preschool education does not come cheap and requires a substantial amount of money. However despite their steep prices, these elite preschools still face a ridiculously high demand as parents know the importance of a good preschool education.

A good preschool education is a necessary investment and you will need to set aside some money in order to partake in this investment. In order to do so, you must start to plan your finances and save up so that your kid will be able to enjoy the quality preschool education they deserve.

It is never too early to start planning for your child’ education and the best way to begin is check out some savings programs so that you will have the necessary finances required for your child’s preschool education and enjoy a few other perks along the way.

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