Singapore mum hit by e-scooter in critical condition

Singapore mum hit by e-scooter in critical condition

A Singapore mum hit by e-scooter is now warded in critical condition in Changi General Hospital. Police have now put up an appeal for info on the rider...

A Singapore mum hit by e-scooter is now warded in critical condition in Changi General Hospital.

The incident happened on March 7, at the pedestrian pathway in front of Block 151, Bedok Reservoir Road at around 6 pm.  The e-scooter rider apparently fled after the accident.

Police are now investigating the case and have put up an appeal for info on the rider.

Singapore mum hit by e-scooter

Apparently, the victim, Ms Goh Lay Yong, was walking back home after work. Every day, she would use an overhead bridge to travel between her home and Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate, where she worked.

That evening, she had just stepped off the overhead bridge and on to the pedestrian walkway, when an e-scooter hit her from behind. She immediately lost consciousness. When she woke up, she found herself in an ambulance.

Singapore mum hit by e-scooter

She managed to contact her husband Mr Li Tizhong, who rushed to the scene with their daughter. They were shocked to find a pool of blood on the ground.

Mr Li told reporters that his wife had severe headaches for 2 days after the accident. She also remained in a dazed state, and had trouble remembering details of the incident.

And then, on March 11, a friend of Ms. Goh, Ms Pearlyn Tan posted on Facebook that her condition had suddenly deteriorated, and she had had surgery done.

E-scooter victim critical

"Now my dear friend is in critical condition where she is currently in the operating theatre for surgery immediately", wrote Ms. Pearlyn.

Ms. Pearlyn also revealed that Ms. Goh was the sole breadwinner of the family.

She told Stomp, “We hope to spread the news because she is actually the sole breadwinner in her family."

“Her husband is undergoing dialysis and cannot work. With this accident, I really cannot imagine how the family is going to make it through."

“I’m praying that she will be able to wake up within the next 48 hours.” 

This is just so sad, we hope and pray that Ms. Goh recovers soon... 

More accidents involving e-scooters

According to The Straits Times, 110 accidents involving e-scooters were reported in the first 9 months of 2017. 30 of them took place on public paths, while the rest took place at road junctions and on roads.

In an effort to rein in reckless drivers, the Government has decided to implement new rules for e-scooter riders.

  • Registration of e-scooters will be mandatory from the second half of 2018.
  • All e-scooter riders will have to provide their personal details. 
  • They will have to paste identification stickers prominently on their devices.
  • Devices should meet requirements, such as a maximum weight of 20 kg and a top speed of no more than 25 kmh.

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(Source: The Straits Times, Stomp)

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