My child needs braces! – Braces for kids in Singapore

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We look at the basics of braces for kids...

braces for kids

Braces for kids: Does your child need braces?

It seems to be that the rite of passing into teenage-hood now is marked by the introduction to braces.

Though children now are sophisticated enough to value the long term plan to look good, it still is a tough step.

In fact, there are horror stories in Southeast Asia about teenagers fitting fake braces as a status symbol, and this has even led to choking deaths.

Plus there are many associated pains – being laughed at, mouth blisters, extra work caring for the teeth, inability to eat some types of favourite food – and parents need to know what they are getting into.

It is not about braces, it is about life getting even more difficult during the stormy teenage years.

Singapore braces basic FAQ – Types, Costs, Duration, Appearance & Pain

braces for kids

Braces for kids: Find out how braces can help to improve the alignment of your child’s teeth.

We caught up with Dr Alexander Wenden, Dental Surgeon at Unity Denticare to find out more about braces for kids here in Singapore.

What are the types of braces for kids?

Braces can be placed on the front of the teeth and will have a wire connecting each brace to straighten the teeth. The braces can be metal colored but can also be clear or tooth colored to make them less noticeable.

Braces can also be placed behind the teeth. This form of treatment is known as lingual orthodontics, as the braces are on the lingual or ‘tongue’ side of the teeth. This type of treatment provides a superior aesthetic option, as the braces can’t be noticed on smiling and general conversation.

Braces sometimes aren’t even needed to straighten the teeth. In these situations, we can use a clear plastic aligner, which is worn throughout the day and night. This type of treatment is very popular and the technology has increased vastly, allowing excellent correction of crooked teeth.

How much do braces cost here in Singapore?

The cost of braces treatment varies depending on the complexity and severity of the problem. In general, prices range from around $1,000 for simple straightening of teeth up to $5,000 for more complicated issues.

Average duration of wear?

Treatment usually takes between 18 and 24 months to complete, but can be as fast as a 6 months. This will depend on how severe the problem is prior to treatment.

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