Singapore boy allegedly hit at childcare centre by principal with wooden ruler

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Singapore boy hit at childcare centre: "My son really just did it with no ill intentions, does it warrant a punishment like this?"

An 8-year-old Singapore boy allegedly got hit on the buttocks with a wooden ruler by the principal of a childcare centre.

His furious mum asks, "My son really just did it with no ill intentions, does it warrant a punishment like this?"

She has since then lodged a complaint with the police.

Singapore boy hit at childcare centre?

The incident apparently happened at Star Kidz Powerclub, a childcare centre at Block 509, Bedok North Avenue 3.

According to Stomp, the boy's father was the first to notice red marks on his backside while showering one day after swimming.

Mummy Llva Chin then asked her son what had happened, to which he replied that he had got beaten up for talking in class. To clarify things Ilva WhatsApp-ed the boy's pictures to his childcare teacher, Ms Sim.

Ms. Sim then apparently elaborated that the boy had been punished by the centre principal for opening the door of a toilet while a girl was inside.

According to mummy Llva, the principal later called up to explain that he had to resort to such strict measures to pacify the girl's enraged parents.

For the info, the centre is run by Mr Ryan Choo, an ex-Channel 8 actor, and two female teachers. Mr Choo is also the principal. 

singapore boy hit at childcare centre

Playing hide 'n' seek

Apparently, in Ms. Llva's account to the police, she mentions that her son had been playing hide-and-seek with the other kids at the centre on the evening of Jan 31.

The child had thought that one of the kids was hiding inside the shared toilet and that's why he had opened the door. However, inside was a girl who was relieving herself. The girl got terrified and asked for her parents.

It was then that the boy was asked to bend over a table and receive his punishment.

Mummy Llva cannot understand the logic behind such harsh punishment.

She has been quoted by Stomp as saying, "My son was hit on his backside for seven times! How can he not tell us after doing that?"

She also told The Straits Times, "I feel guilty that this happened to my son. He is still a child after all, and it is not right for the centre to punish him this way. As parents, we should be informed and not have to find the bruises on our son's body ourselves."

She has since then withdrawn the child from the centre.

Meanwhile, police has told Stomp, "The police confirm that a report was lodged. Investigations are ongoing.”

Mr. Choo meanwhile, has responded to The Straits Times, "I have been thinking a lot. It is really not appropriate for me to make any comments now that the police are conducting their investigations. I am really sorry."


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(Source: Stomp, The Straits Times  Featured Image: Screengrab Stomp)

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