Hubby shares sexy housecleaning photos, women lose their minds

Hubby shares sexy housecleaning photos, women lose their minds

Get ready to drop your knickers, ladies, because boy do we have something to show you. Sexy cleaner hubby shows how to seduce wife in hilarious photos: by doing the housework!

Get ready to drop your knickers, ladies, because boy do we have something to show you. Yes, we know, you’ve fantasised about it. You’ve heard rumours about it, whispered in confidence in the ladies’ room. Now we have photographic evidence. And it’s sexier than we ever imagined. Yes, husbands can clean the house and do the laundry. The sexy cleaner hubby is real! Cue heavy breathing.

Reddit is a strange place to find hilarious, porntastic photos of housecleaning husbands, but that’s where you’ll find the story of our sexy cleaner hubby.

It all began as a joke by Reddit user dirty-ol-sob. He sent his wife photos of himself doing all the oh-so-dirty jobs at home, in various suggestive poses.

What was he hoping to achieve? Well, hubby wanted to get lucky, naturally. We like to think that it worked. But more than that, his Reddit post has scored over 2,200 comments in two days.

There may be more to his silly, naughty antics than we thought. He is a role-model for husbands everywhere! An inspiration! A shining soapsud-covered specimen of manhood in modern times!

But never mind that for now. Let’s move on to what you’ve all been waiting for: the pictures!

Sexy cleaner husband breaks the internet

sexy cleaner

“Oooh, let me cover you in soap-suds, my darling…” Image source: Reddit user dirty-ol-sob

Uh-oh… Someone’s been dirty… So dirty…

sexy cleaner

“I promise not to eat this tide-pod, instead, I’ll eat…” Image source: Reddit user dirty-ol-sob

This works better than any Snapchat dick pic. Guaranteed!


sexy cleaner

“Uh-huh baby, I’ve got a large load” Image source: Reddit user dirty-ol-sob

Getting ready to drop a large load… in the washing machine. Awwwww yeahhhhhhh…

sexy cleaner

“Ride me baby!” Image source: Reddit user dirty-ol-sob

It all climaxed with this photo of hubby working on his suction skills.

Hilarious reactions from Netizens, but other hubbies suitably impressed (and wives, turned on)!

Comments ranged from the obvious to those that involved… how shall we say it… the quickening of ovaries.

“She’s gonna sex you hard tonight bro,” said espercharm.

To the hubbies out there, take notes. This really works. Take it from some women who also weighed in on our man’s powers of seduction.

“It’s adorable. If a man did this for me, it’d be ON,” said adifferentvision.

Meanwhile, danigirl_03 agreed, saying, “This totally works for me too, my fave text to receive. Hun I know you’re working late today so dinner is ready when you get home. I would probably freak out if he touched my laundry though…”

An inspiration to mankind

No doubt, this strong reaction has something to do with the fact that even in this age of female empowerment, women are still stuck with the lion’s share of housework.

A study as recent as 2017 discovered that women put more time into housework and childcare than men – even among couples with egalitarian views.

Though that’s unsurprising, it just shows that the human race has a long way to go. And that’s why these photos – even though they’re silly and a little bit stupid – are inspirational. Because why can’t a man clean the house? Why isn’t this the most normal thing in the world? Why can’t doing the laundry make men more manly?

Housecleaning husbands of the world, unite!

Our main man, dirty-ol-sob, kept it real, saying, “The only thing I accomplished was making her and all her coworkers she showed the texts to laugh at how dumb I am…. and getting a clean house.”

But we beg to differ. We live on the cusp of a new age when it’s no big deal if a woman works, breastfeeds, or pioneers space travel to Mars. It’s also no big deal if a man cares for the kids, works in high fashion, or wears the colour pink.

In fact, we think many more men should consider doing the housework. For starters, dudes, you live there too. What’s more, it might help you get laid. The girls dig it, guys. But ultimately, it leads to becoming a more fully-realised man – no, human being – who actively cares for the ones he loves.

Yes, you care for your family by bringing home the bacon, but care also comes in the form of preparing lunch, or cleaning the bathroom.

One husband and father writes in Huffington Post how becoming a househusband helped him realise traditional values.

“By participating in my son’s life,” he says, “I am allowed to be the father and husband I want to be and I can’t think of better traditional values to uphold.”

Here’s to more housecleaning husbands like the one we see here. We salute you, sexy cleaner husband!

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