Saving with ease: 3 steps to getting started

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Having a proper savings plan may not be all that hard for parents of young children. Proper planning combined with the right products for your needs can make all the difference for your future plans.

One of my earliest memories as a child was having a small coin box in the shape of a unicorn.

Every day, I’d look forward to my dad coming home from work and giving me his loose change to fill it up. The moment the coin box was full, I’d be allowed to empty it and spend the coins on a treat of my choice, be it an ice-cream cone, a new story book, or a toy.

Moving into the next phase of life as a young working adult with more spending power (and not that much responsibilities yet), the concept remained the same; although the small indulgences turned into larger ones like a year-end holiday and swanky new gadgets.


The earlier you start to save, the better the outcome.

I thought that I had done enough by saving a portion of my income each month, but the fact was that, I was not paying enough attention to necessary long term expenses. Reality only started to creep in when faced with big-ticket purchases like a house and wedding expenses – and that’s when I wished my little unicorn coin box could have lasted me all the way until adulthood.


A home is usually one of the largest purchases you'll ever make in your lifetime.

If you are still at the young adult stage or just starting life as a young married couple, I’m sorry to tell you that money matters will only get more complicated in the future. Once the kids arrive, it will seem as if our bank accounts have a leak that just cannot be plugged in!

Don’t get me wrong; while I’m pretty sure that every parent would agree that children can fill us with joy and other unquantifiable emotions, they are the opposite of money-makers. But all is not lost. If anything, the earlier chapter in my financial logbook has taught me that savings, whether short, mid or long term, should be made a priority from the start.

Finding it hard to start saving? Read on to discover our 3 easy steps to getting started. 

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